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Christmas Haul Ho Ho Ho

Oh glorious boxing day! For the first time in years I do not have to be at work on boxing day. Which means I have a whole day to recover from all the food!

Christmas in my family is pretty big my Mama loves it and always goes all out to make sure we have a nice day. Last year was awesome because my big brother came up from Cornwall and to me having all the family together was the best gift ever.

For us Christmas starts remembering those passed and we visit St Martins church in Birmingham to light candles for those no longer with us and one for hope for the future. Although I am not religious I really enjoy visiting church to pay respect and take a moment to remember the ones I love. St Martin's is especially important as whenever my Nana came to visit it is where we would take her and now she is gone it is a good place to remember her.

My Ma always goes all out with cooking so I am stuffed especially since she made this enormous cake.....No we didn't eat it all just a small piece.

My cat Theo Noire has a poorly eye from fighting so I have been looking after him.

Presents to me are just a small part of Christmas and to be honest I would happily have Christmas without gifts but this is what I got. This year my Ma knitted me two scarves. I love gifts like this because they mean the most that someone has taken the time to really think about you and make you something. In fact if it was up to me I would make every gift and every gift I had would be made. 

She also got me an amazing dressing table which she restored and customised herself when it is at home I will do a post for you all to see. My Dad got me an amazing vintage 1960's dressing table set to go on top. 

Some cute candles. I LOVE candles. 

My little brother bought me a much needed new hairdryer, and some other cute things. 

What did you lovely lot get for Christmas? More importantly how did you spend it? With Family or away somewhere sunny?

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