50500 Göreme/Nevşehir Province, Turkey

Diary Of A Project Manager In Turkey ....Take 9

Over breakfast it started to rain heavily so the morning of trekking was called off. Although some of the more eager members of the group still wanted to go and had the guides hunting for waterproofs but after a vote the group decided to use the time to prepare for a meeting they were due to have with a travel writer who was originally from England and now lived in Cappadocia with her 12 cats I find one cat hard enough to look after so how she manages 12 I just do not know.

Before their interview the group had the chance to try a Turkish bath. I have had them before and due to trying to remain professional I didn't think it was a good idea to get half naked with my group. I did listen to the treatments though and it sounded amazing. The girls and boys were separated, given lockers and asked to change. They would then have a real clay face mask and venture into the sauna for 15 minutes. Followed by a shower and then Turkish bubble bath and massage. After they could even swim in the pool and drink apple tea.

While we left the group relaxing me and the lovely Sarah went shopping and had frappes. The coffee in Turkey is divine. The shops are so beautiful lots of little bizarres filled with sparkly fun things that are just screaming for me to buy them. I managed to get 10 postcards for just 1TL. I am so in love with the lanterns but the search for the perfect one continues.

We went to wait for the team at the meeting point a little Cafe called MY donods. Yes Tuncay tricked them into thinking they would be going to McDonald's as they had all been craving for big macs. To be honest you will never get a view like this in McDonald's. So beautiful a roof area where you can sit in big comfy chairs looking out onto the mountains and caves. This place is amazingly beautiful I can see how people live here When the team got back we all talked excitedly about who would like to live in a traditional cave. I would love to give it a try they stay warm all winter and cool all summer.

The writer arrived and the group chatted with her while they set up to film. She was very friendly and a natural for the camera. The interview skills were swift 3 cameras working in unity and no need for any retakes. #teamytv are blossoming in front of my eyes. They have got into a routine of allocating different team members to clear cards, charge batteries to make sure that everyone gets a chance to learn how to do a bit f everything. This also helps every member of the team realise the importance of getting these tasks done for a more productive day of filming the next day.

Tomorrow we have a really early start so night night readers xxx


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