50500 Göreme/Nevşehir Province, Turkey

Diary Of A Project Manager In Turkey Take 8

When you're filming free days are never free days which I have to say dear reader if you love film is no big issue. Although it can be crazy stressful and hard work if you genuinely love doing something it really doesn't feel like work.

All week I have been bugging the guys to really take advantage of at least one of their free days. Only a few of the group wanted to sleep and rest for the day the rest were ready for adventure. Having loved the horses so much they wanted to venture back to The Dalton Brothers .

The public transport in Turkey is really easy to use just like Birmingham really but way cheaper. It was 3TL to get all the way from our hotel to Goreme. That is just a quid. You jump on to the cozy coach which is more like a people carrier taxi just a bit bigger and a conductor comes round to collect the money. So if you are thinking of travelling to Turkey don't worry about being able to get around the buses are every half hour although the driving is very speedy and they can get full.

Goreme centre is so tiny but packed with things to do. There are lots of shops, Cafes, Turkish baths and even quad biking. The gang interviewed the owner of the quad bikes to get a feel of how they generate income if it is mostly from tourists or locals. For 60 TL 2 of the team deceived to take some quad bikes for a spin for 2 hours. They got to go all around the town and around the valleys with a guide who helped make sure they stayed safe while we went off to The Dalton Brothers ranch.

I have already raved about how much I loved the Dalton Brothers Ranch in an earlier post here. It really is like something stepped out of a cowboy film and I wish I could just move in like yesterday. One of the Dalton brothers took 5 of #TeamYTV out onto the valleys. They said they had the most amazing time riding through such beautiful surroundings and even bumped into the quad biking duo. The remaining of #TeamYTV stayed at the ranch to interview the horse whisper about his experience. He gave us some beautiful tea made of 6 different kinds of flowers. Even if you do not want to ride a horse I really suggest visiting the ranch to soak up the experience and enjoy this amazing tea.


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