Words spoken with Beauty

Working for a record label I get to meet some very inspiring people. I was inspired by an up and coming spoken word artist who was developed by our company. This woman is a true talent tackling issues of womanhood and culture head on. When we have done a little more work with her I will tell you all about her talent and best of all she has no ego. On that note I want to dedicate this post to my love of spoken word.

Like many of my generation I stumbled upon spoken word by Mr Henry Rollins. Having loved Black flag it seemed like such a dramatic jump at the time to hear him in a completely new context. The more I listened around me and thought about it though the more I realised that my love for hip hop was no coincidence to this new world i had fell into music and spoken word go hand in hand. Although he introduced me to this amazing world. I am not a massive fan of Rollins style he has a lot of style and I love his intensity but his flow doesn't always work for me. I prefer him in the punk band Black Flag so am probably a little bias but his balance of being a complete gentleman and a complete badass gives me a genuine love for this guy.

Someones flow who I do love though is Birmingham represented so cool even his name reflects it. Polar bear
a down to earth hip hop loving Brummy. He has a lot of character and makes you smile with his flashes of memories all in an upbeat fast paced rollercoaster of words. A working class family man with a cheeky side who hasn't forgotten his roots. I have been lucky enough to catch him a few times but my favourite tour was with Kate Tempest and Scroobius pip.

My heart belongs to Kate Tempest I think I fall a little bit in love with her every time I hear her. She is fueled with such passion and intelligence. I get lost in the world she paints with her words. I really need to hear more female spoken word artists but gender aside she is definitely one of my top spoken word performers.

If I fall a little bit in love with Kate then I fall hard in love with Scroobius pip and no it is not just the beard. His whole persona and fake arrogance just draw me in. He really knows how to work a crowd and charm them right into the palm of his hand. The rock and roll of spoken word with his crowd surfing, wine drinking don't give a shit attitude. He really speaks to your heart and feeds your mind. Dark and intense but can still make you laugh a very rare but intoxicating combination. Check him out on his own, with Le Sac or on his radio show.

I know there are some other great artists out there and I am always up for hearing more so hit me up with suggestions


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