My First Haul Post

Shopping frenzy!

So I know this post is a bit off from my usual posts but I needed to feed the consumer within me! I always see these haul posts in the blogs I follow and I find them more fun to finding new clothes and make up than reading magazines. I like to hear from real people and not what the magazines tell me I should or should not be wearing. So only fair I give back to the shopping world and not just take. I rarely get to have a super haul but went on a monster of a spend recently and this is what the outcome was.

I am a bit of an eyelash fiend and so when I saw these lashes in poundland I had to jump on them even if they are TOWIE the only thing I will give those girls is they know their lashes and for £1 that is a bargain! I also managed to pick up the hair clip which I thought was totally cute to go in a vintage styled hair and the heart print nail varnish Poundland often has these little gems I bought the little bits of jewellery from Primark just as little gifts for my snail mailers

I thought this little bag was so cute Just big enough for a phone and maybe a little money which is plenty for me when I am out and it has a cute stud and tassled design from Primark and reduced to a pound. I filled up on ear rings with these rose style ones. Personally I lose ear rings way too much to spend a lot of money on them so when I lose these as cute as they are at least I have not just lost a fortune. The big heart rings were also from Primark and only £1 each to make my hands look pretty.
 I have recently been on a mission to buy more skirts I must have tried on a million but settled for this blue lacey skater design from Primark for £5. I also picked up a black long cardigan for £10 which is sooo warm and even has little pockets.

I then stumbled upon this leather look skater skirt from Yours Clothing who to my delight have a shop in Merry Hill near Dudley which was a nice surprise. Although it was £16 it is a beautiful cut and really good quality. I also picked up a black ruffle belt with zip detail which looks great teamed with this skirt.

The dress below kinda grew on me since I bought it and looks great with a black belt for £5 fully lined and with the cute lace detail it keeps me warm and is nice for work :)

 I already have a pair of creepers and they are so comfy. These were only £5 from a random show shop in Merry Hill.

You may think I have gone crazy showing socks too but I really liked these from Primark £2 for a set and the hair bow was only £1.50

Have you picked up any bargains lately? Let me know :)


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