When I Got The Music I Got A Place To Go

Sometimes I think I have slipped into that cliche that when you get older you get stuck in a decade. I tend to listen to a lot of the same bands over and over and some of them have been gone from existence for many years.

I do however have an open mind and listen to as much new music as possible. I am becoming more engaged in music from other parts of the world but I thought it would be cool if I did a regular post about the top 3 bands I have been listening to for the month to see how this varies. I am not going to bombard you with lots of information about the bands/artists just short and snappy. Enjoy!

So this month so far I have been listening to a lot of Pj Harvey which is an old favourite for me.

Social distortion Mike Ness's voice is as dreamy as him.

Rancid a firm regular to blast through my headphones since I was about 14.


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