#BodyConfidenceWeek My response

I was shocked and appalled to hear that last weeks latest trend on twitter was #fatshamingweek. What closed minded fool thought of this? It makes me sad to know that it trended because of silly Trolls and undoubtedly would have hurt a lot of innocent people. I myself am pretty thick skinned (hey maybe that is the extra padding) but even I didn't want to look at the horrible things people could say not just about 'fat people' but about another human being!
For as many horrible nasty people on the internet though there are many inspiring positive people. That is why I decided to write this post in honour of  body confidence week I had been meaning to post my views on body image in the media for a while but now seems like the right time.

To learn more about how body confidence week came about go and read this amazing article. I wanted to wait until the close of the week to share my thoughts as I have been reading some amazing blogs such as this one from the fabulous Leah. If you have not checked out the trend yet I urge you to jump on twitter or your blog to see the amazing positive words and pictures coming from people who all share the common journey to love the skin they are in. This week is for everyone no matter your size, gender, race, or age the beauty is we all have a body and we need to learn that we only have one and we really should love it and appreciate it instead of hating on it all the time.

After months at work researching body image and how people strive for thigh gaps, to lose baby bumps, cant decide if they want a big arse like JLO or if they hated it , and even more recently the torrid of media that is condemning all health issues down to people needing to lose weight, I could go positively crazy. It is scary how we have all been programmed to focus on the bad things about our bodies instead of being positive loving our scars, lump and bumps because our bodies map the journey of our life and we need to enjoy right now instead of eternally thinking we will be happy when we just fix our nose or lose that extra pound or have bigger boobs or more muscles. While we are worrying about how we don't look we are not focusing on the amazing things about ourselves.

Working for a not for profit record company we work hard to strive to encourage positive body image as we realise the mass effect the music industry and media has on people and the way they look at their own bodies. We currently have some amazing projects lined up that all being well I will be able to tell you all about. I would love to know your opinions on how you feel the music industry has an impact on you or those around you. So we can really try and help make that change.

Now I cant post this without talking about my own body image. I am going to be very open and say I have always been fairly confident in myself. I did have a major confidence knock and it took me a while to get back to loving myself. I wont deny it wasn't easy and was a very hard and almost lonely road as people around me still thought I had all this amazing confidence when inside they didn't know I was hating on myself. I am making healthier steps but that doesn't mean I am not happy being me I love who I am and am very happy in my skin. My point is don't look at others and think they don't understand, everyone you know is on a non stop journey. Nobody wakes up every day feeling amazing about how they look and feel about their body but it is important to change your way of thinking about yourself to help you get out of this funk quicker. The most important thing to remember is you have anything to prove to anyone but yourself.

On the odd day that I do wake up feeling blue I now have somewhere to reach to pick me up If you are on instagram check out the #effyourbeautystandards by the amazing Tess Munster or #honoryourcurves by another inspiring lady. Both very different body shaped women but both with very powerful messages. Now men body confidence isn't just for the girls we are just as aware that you face the same problems so hopefully we can find a movement of guys out there who are making this stand too.

Tess Munster

Now all I ask of you is to look at yourself in the mirror and just appreciate all the awesome things about yourself jump on to twitter and share one thing you love about your body under the tag #bodyconfidenceweek.


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