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Sushi it up until you can't eat anymore!

Munching Out At Woktastic Birmingham

I was first introduced to the wonderful world of unlimited sushi by the lovely Cherry. As she is a vegan when we dine we are limited so it is always good when we find somewhere like this. Go check out her blog for some great vegan suggestions and recipes. She even covers baby vegan issues.

We have been going to Woktastic for a good few years even before Cherry had her little one which only really dawned on us as we sat waiting for a table to come up. Usually this place is really easy to get a table especially if you do not mind sitting on the belt counters. We prefer the big tables near the counter though. You get a view of outside and easy access to all the sushi. Personally I find the counter too impersonal and cramped. We like to have a good natter. The owner is really friendly and recognised us hopefully for good reasons. A very bright and kooky decorated restaurant.I love the pictures all around the restaurant kinda with a toki doki vibe about them.

The sushi belt has such good variation considering that it is all you can eat. There are lots of different yummy California rolls, Seattle rolls and other yummy varieties. On the belt you can also get tempura, soup, veggies, noodles and this time there was even chicken. One of the reasons we go though is because there is a wide range of vegetarian and Vegan options. For 13.99 it is a total bargain. Drinks are pricey 2.00 for a can of coke but to be expected. If you go for a green tea you can have unlimited amounts. Lunch time all you can eat is cheaper too so get in before 4!

If sushi isn't your thing you can order a wide variety of japanese dishes off the normal menu. I have had the green curry before which was nice but I much prefer the sushi. I love loading them with ginger and wasabi.

Recently they have even added deserts onto the belt. I had some delicious cheesecake.

Sadly as Birmingham are on the quest to redevelop the whole of the city this place may not be about in it's current location so get in there and enjoy it while it is. No doubt as it it is very popular it will relocate.

Be warned though you will not leave hungry.


  1. Looks wicked. I love this blog sooooo much =^_^= sue


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