Her Ladys Pleasure

Sharing orgasms is no strange thing on a Friday night in Birmingham. When I received my beautiful invitation in the post to 'Her Lady's Pleasure" I didn't quite know what was in store for me, as  leading up to the event  besides the information on the invitation and the whiff of teasing photos everything was kept secret .I knew I just couldn't miss out.

I raved about Kate Spence's work before in one of my old blogs but since you guys missed that one I get to do it all over again. Kate is a very talented performance artist who pushes the boundaries and gets her audience thinking and interacting. This time round she joined forces with Temp0rary to bring this new venture together.

Greeted at the doors of The wig in Ladywood by a cloaked and masked figure I was ushered into a waiting area and presented with a gift. Surrounded by beautifully dressed people I suddenly wished I had followed the decedent dress code instead of rushing in from work red faced with a newspaper just in case it rained. I know the picture of glamour aren't I? The suspense built as we waited until the red cloaked figure politely asked us to follow them up the stairs. I could tell everyone was slightly nervous but excited about what lay ahead.

Slowly we were leaked into a darkened room. Presented with an elegant mask we stumbled our way in silence into an amazing sight. In front of us was a room adorned with flowers as if we had been tempted into the secret garden by the creatures from eyes wide shut. behind a transparent screen was a huge swing with trails of flowers and an elegantly dressed woman (Kate Spence herself) swinging as if completely unaware that of the voyeur on her experience.

While served tea and waited on by these polite masked people all eyes were on the swing. A projection of images, spoken word and music played added to the surreal experience. Never have I seen someone so happy as my fellow masked guest when the cake arrived.Amazing cake it was too. I missed the fact that there were sensors that guests were touching to alter the mood of the music and projections.

Ont he way out we were given a detailed letter explaining the journey we had just embarked on and it all became more of a reality. I really enjoyed this performance and I urge you all to keep an eye out for future shows.

 I felt like I had stepped into the bubble in the labyrinth when David Bowie takes Sarah to a masked ball a delightfully surreal experience.


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