Abominable Book Club June Unboxing and Review

Another month rolled around super quick and I was excited when the June Abominable book club box arrived! I have just one left after this which is sad times but I will definitely get them again in the future as I have really enjoyed both boxes and they have given me lots to read. 

I made another Tik tok video of my first impressions of the box so show me some love over on there too! 

The first book in the box was ‘Such sharp teeth’ by Rachel Harrison. A stunning cover, the book is about a woman who goes back to her hometown to face some issues and gets bitten by a werewolf. This looks like a great read and I’m really excited to go on this adventure with her to see how the change will take hold. I love werewolf films so this is a win for me. This also came with a signed card from the author which is a cool thing I love about the book club, at least one of the books is always signed. 

The next book was ‘Bored Gay Werewolf’ by Tony Santorella. A hardback book that packs a punch, I would pick this up instantly in a bookstore as it looks like a fun read. This looks like a quick but funny book that I am looking forward to. With it being pride month it’s fantastic to see another LGBTQ+ book included in the box. Both boxes have been really diverse so far which I really appreciate. 

Every box comes with a Wrapped book which is second hand and a joy to open up. This month I got ‘The Face’ by Dean Koontz. A mystery following a head of security trying to figure out where some gruesome messages are coming from before it’s too late. I haven’t read any Koontz so this will be a great introduction. 

Both boxes have come with a pin and I’m a sucker for a great pin. This one is pretty cool, a midsommar inspired horror pin, they are always pretty big pins too so amazing value. 

The treats in the box this month were some pukka tea, a Jo coffee bag, a cappuccino, hot chocolate and some retro popcorn. I love pukka tea. They have a great variety of tasty flavours and I’m yet to find one I don’t like. The retro popcorn was actually really tasty with crushed strawberry sweets throughout but just the right amount. 

Another great box from the guys over at Abominable books I can’t wait for next month! 

Have you had any book subscriptions or read any of the books on the list? 


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