FPI Mystery Death of An Artist Game review

For a date night recently we decided we wanted to do something a little different to spend some fun quality time together. We love playing games together but figured we should put down our controllers for a change and try something else. We are both true crime dorks so we wanted to try a crime mystery game. 

I had a look through Amazon and came across FPI Mystery. They have a few games to choose from. We went with “Death of an artist” . It's a cooperative mystery solving game you can do with any number of players. You could still do the game alone but I think half the fun is in the discussion. So we grabbed some drinks and snacks to make an evening of it. 

You play the role of a private investigator who needs to find out what happened to the artist and who was really to blame. You get a series of envelopes each with different levels of evidence in them including maps, emails, newspaper clippings and more. With each envelope you work out the artist's movements for the day and suspects come into play. You have to discuss all the evidence in your group and make your predictions before you can move onto the next stage. 

If you get stuck don’t worry you can check you’re on the right path by scanning a QR code which takes you to a series of hints and an answer. After revealing the first answer we realised how detailed the game was and it pushed us to look harder at the clues for the next envelope. 

The more envelopes you open the more layers build in the case that’s not as simple as it may have first seemed. It’s really interesting learning about this person's life and what lead them to their untimely demise. 

It was lovely to play a board game and taking a bread from my usual cozy games on switch. There are lots of cold case style games but Lucky Egg (super cute name) do this so well and the game is well packaged and super affordable to have your first go at this kind of game. I am looking forward to trying “Disappearance at the circus” next. Obviously you can only really play this kind of game once to get the full impact but it’s so easily re-gifted to friends and family or to use on night you’re hosting guests.  

Have you played anything similar?


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