Why Greece is a country well worth visiting


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Whether you’re recovering from an episode of facial paralysis or you simply want to take a break from work and enjoy yourself for a week, we all need a vacation away at times. While we certainly aren’t short on options given the increasing amount of travel routes in the modern world, Greece is emerging as a go-to favorite for many holidaymakers. 

Greece is certainly a diverse country with plenty to offer for travelers, too. Not only is it fairly cheap and offers excellent hospitality on the whole, but the country that invented the Olympic Games is steeped in history. For example, games like Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin have been inspired by Greek mythology in the same way movies like Troy and Clash of the Titans were also. Additionally, Greek food is growing in popularity around the world, with people exploring the evident benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Greece is also famous for its pristine beaches and picturesque locations like Santorini, too. 

Although Greek culture has influenced society in a number of ways, not everyone has frequented the country yet, though. So, without further ado, let’s assess some key reasons why Greece is a country well worth visiting right now.

Lovely weather is almost a guarantee 

While bad weather can occasionally set in, Greece is particularly popular due to its wonderful climate throughout the year. Thanks to its southern location on the Mediterranean, it only really rains in Greece between June and September, with other times of year being treated to glorious sunshine. While a holiday to the UK might not bring sunshine, Greece almost certainly does. 

Fresh and tasty cuisine 

We’ve touched on it already, but Greece provides excellent hospitality. A key reason for that is due to the incredibly tasty cuisine that is on offer throughout the country. The benefits of a Mediterranean diet are evident for one, but the tasty dishes that make up the Greek diet are packed full of flavour, too. From olives and moussaka to grilled meat and fresh fish, there is so much food to demolish in a country that certainly knows how to put on a feast.


Some of the best beaches around 


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When the sun is shining - which is pretty much all year round - people tend to frequent some of Greece’s pristine beaches. Popular beach locations include the likes of Lefkada, Crete, Western Greece, Kalamata, Milos, and Mykonos. For many, though, Santorini is the most appealing location of the lot, thanks to its unique architecture that matches beautifully with some the world’s most stunning beaches. From being able to relax with a book to having the opportunity of enjoying some water-based activities, Greece’s beaches are fantastic. 

UNESCO World Heritage sites on offer 

Although Greece’s beaches are perfect to frequent, there are a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites that showcase the country’s natural beauty even more. Alongside the diverse selection of landscapes that are on offer throughout Greece, the country also has 18 UNESCO sites that are well worth exploring. From The Acropolis in Athens and the archaeological site of Delphi to the old town of Corfu and Mount Athos, there are some stunning sites that deserve a visit. 

A history-lovers dream 

Alongside the perfect beaches and the delicious cuisine comes the array of history that has helped shape this loveable nation. If you’re partial to the odd bit of Greek mythology and love the stories of ancient Greece, then you’ll find this nation fascinating. There are many ancient sites dotted around the country also, with many people flocking to see the Acropolis, Delphi and the ancient theatre at Epidavros in particular. 


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