What to buy a foodie?

 Hey Cats, 

Christmas is around the corner and blimey has it snuck up on us this year. If you’re like me then now you’re suddenly scrambling to find the best gifts to get for the loved ones in your life. Everybody has a foodie that know and I have rounded up some perfect gifts for them to unwrap in front of the Christmas tree. 

It may not be barbecue season just yet but we are all dreaming of summer. No harm in getting prepared and that lush bbq flavour is an all year round taste we should be enjoying. The inventors of the wood pellet grill Traeger grills know what they are talking about when it comes to good cooking. When it comes to grills and getting that ultimate taste rubs and sauces go a long way. Traeger have a wide range of fantastic flavours that make the perfect gift for any foodie in your life. Make that meat pop with these perfectly blended rubs.

If your foodie fan isn’t much of a cook but still loves to try new flavours then they can dip into great tastes with sauces. Traeger also does an amazing array of sauces that will spice up any dish from a home cook out to bringing flavour to your every day dinner. I personally love the spicy sauces they offer to add that kick to your meat. 

If like me you’re lusting after a coffee machine for Christmas then the lost sheep coffee has some great gifts for coffee lovers. They have an amazing Nespresso capsule gift tower which would be loved under any tree. The pods are fully compostable meaning you can enjoy your coffee without the guilt. They offer a wide range of great tasting ethical coffees.


Another great coffee gift for your ground coffee fan is the Black insomnia grind. Great for all those busy people who like to fuel their day with coffee. Available in ground,  beans, pour over bags and Nespresso pods. This coffee isn’t for the faint of heart there’s four times more caffeine but don’t worry the taste has not been put second best. This is a great tasting coffee with nutty hints. 

Hopefully you have found some great gifts for foodie lovers or maybe even for yourself? What are you buying this Christmas? 


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