Is Your Business Website Doing Enough?

 Is Your Business Website Doing Enough?

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The importance of a company website was already huge long before the pandemic. However, it now feels more important than ever as clients are increasingly likely to interact with brands online.

You’ve already built a winning workforce and found the right workplace. Now is the time to analyse the website to identify whether improvements can be made. Ask the following questions, and you won’t go far wrong.

Does it get seen?

If the website exists but doesn’t attract any traffic, it cannot have an impact on potential customers. So, when designing a website, you must try to satisfy two audiences. Human users, and search engine crawlers. Learn to master SEO here and the site will soon perform far better. Through a combination of on-site and off-site tricks, you can send your site up the rankings. This will send your visits through the roof while also verifying your site’s legitimacy. 

Crucially, the traffic will come from audiences who are looking for your type of content.

Does the site keep users engaged?

First impressions count for everything in business. If people leave your website within seconds of landing on it, the site isn’t working as well as it should. While there are many analytical tools you can use to track data, the bounce rate should be at the top of the list. If users tend to leave your site, you must revisit the navigation. It will also be necessary to think about new content. A blog or web pages that present info in an entertaining way is key.

When customers stay on the site, they are likely to become paid customers.

Do customers gain the insight they need?

The website is probably your company’s biggest marketing tool. But it will only deliver results when it is focused on moving consumers along the path to conversion. Therefore, providing the insight they need with strong product pages and landing pages is vital. Many people will want to speak with an agent to clear up their queries. Click here to find out how live chat can transform your website forever. This gives users the best of online and offline shopping.

Your website should also lay out the terms of a fair returns policy. 

Are customers making purchases?

A great website can increase visits to your store while also creating a new revenue stream through online purchases. When considering the second of those options, it’s vital that you choose the right eCommerce software to process payments. This may extend to monthly repayment plans for some businesses. With offline sales lower than they were before the pandemic, you’d be a fool to ignore this stream of income. 

If the website is generating sales, it’s probably boosting offline sales too.

Will it encourage loyalty?

Getting the initial sale over the line is a significant step towards building a better business. For the very best result, though, you have to keep one eye on the long-term future. Remarketing to past customers and getting existing clients to make repeat purchases should be your tactic. It is quicker, easier, and cheaper than reaching new ones. So, you should introduce automated email marketing streams that are triggered after a sale or sign up.

E-greetings and other loyalty schemes will further cement their continued support of the brand.


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