Dating in Bedfordshire

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If you are a regular reader you will have been following this dating series for a while now. If not, let's just have a quick recap… I’ve been with my partner for 7 years now and we met online. So many people find online dating scary or just a bit odd but it’s a great way to meet like minded people you wouldn’t usually get to meet day to day. There are so many dating sites you can join now and using local ones means you meet people closer to home. You can use sites such as Bedfordshire dating site or search for your area. 

On the note of Bedfordshire there are lots of adventures to go on locally. It’s a lot of fun to explore your local area and with restrictions only just lifting, staying local and supporting places in your area is really important too. Let’s take a look round and find out where you can take your date from that Bedfordshire dating site

Number one on trip advisor for a reason is Stockwood discovery centre. Keeping it super local you can learn all about the people who have lived in the area from prehistoric times right up to right now. There are lots of interactive parts to discover, a huge collection of carriages, gardens to walk around and it’s all free! Watch those purse strings and get that history lesson boo! Wow your date with your local knowledge or learn together. 

If you are young at heart then Herring green activity farm is not just for the kids. The main thing that made me want to go to this place so badly is the fact they have the largest collection of birds of prey in the country. Check out the birds in action and see how your prey takes the action. You can also test out how your date is around children which can tell a lot about a person. They even do falconry courses where you can pick yourself up a pretty badass skill. 

For fellow footie fans why not spend the day at Kenilworth road stadium. Support your local team and bond over that team spirit. This is a great place to go if you’re on a double date and really get the energy flowing. See how your friends interact with less pressure on your date as they get to enjoy something they love. Team sports is a fantastic way to suds out some of your dated morals, can they be a good sport and take any loss well. Go for drinks after to wind down or dial up the excitement depending where the night is taking you. 

Obviously there are lots of pubs and restaurants you can visit too but I always find dates where you’re doing something are a lot easier. You relax a lot more and that way you find out so much more about each other than just chatting in a pub because you get to do that anytime. 

Have you been anywhere fun in Bedfordshire?


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