3 things that need waterproofing in your home

When something has been waterproofed, it can last much longer compared to not being waterproofed at all. Waterproofing stops any liquid from penetrating an item. Whether it's rain on a backpack or a glass of wine that has been spilt on a carpet, waterproofing technology can protect anything. This means an item is more likely to keep dry and not become waterlogged, improving its durability. Not only is waterproofing ideal for making items last longer, but it can also make items look more aesthetically pleasing too, as marks and scuffs are less likely to be permanent when items have  been waterproofedThis is because of the added layer of protection the item has endured. Because of the benefits of waterproofing, there are actually many items that have been waterproofed, but there's still more that can be done. Thankfully, there are plenty of Waterproof Tips out there that can help us waterproof our favourite belongings and make them far more durable. 


If you have a rug in your home, you know just how dirty it can get. With the added possibility of spilt beverages, rugs can really go through it all. By waterproofing a rug, you’re prolonging itlife and protecting it from multiple spills and liquids, as well as protecting it from various stainsA rug is made up of millions of different fibres, all of which are incredibly absorbent, so even with the slightest spill or someone walking on it with wet shoes, a rug can become soggy and waterlogged, which is not something any homeowner wants. That's why waterproofing a rug is so important, as it can stop this from happening. Waterproofing is especially important if homeowners have any outdoor rugs in the summer tooas rainwater and outdoor rugs do not mix well. A rug's underside is primarily where most moisture is absorbed, so when there's rain on the ground, a rug will lap it up. This can create a very wet rug that isn't practical. Adding some affordable waterproof fabric to the rug's underside can provide protection from the rainThis is also appropriate for indoor rugs too, and it'll stop any moisture travelling through the rug and onto flooring underneath.

Garden furniture

Garden furniture is designed to withstand most weather typeshowever, after some time, the elements can begin to discolour various materials and make furniture look tired and worn. Not to mention, if garden furniture has been made from wood or wicker, the harsh elements could create significant damage such as tears or holes in the fabric. That's why it's wise to waterproof garden furniture as it can look great and be used for many more years to come. Thankfully, waterproofing furniture has never been more straightforward. With a lick of paint, a spray of oil and a cover, any furniture set can be well looked after.


Christmas light connections

If you're planning on decorating your home with Christmas lights, or perhaps your garden, then you'll need to ensure everything is waterproof so it can still work in all weather conditions. This also applies to any garden lights you may want to string in the summer. After all, these lights and ornaments often need electricity, which will only work with a dry connection. Any rain or snow could easily damage an electric circuit. Firstly, you need to ensure any wires being used don't run on the ground. This avoids the possibility of any wires being sat in puddles. Secondly, to waterproof the connections, you need to find an appropriate cord to use. Many generic extension leads and cords have openings that are not appropriate for outdoor use. These openings can let in moisture that's not wanted. A contractor-grade cord is most appropriate when it comes to hanging outdoor lights. Using a waterproof gasket is also ideal for protecting any outlets from harsh weather, especially when lights aren't in use.

There are plenty of other items that can be waterproofed in your home too, so if you're already waterproofing those listed above, you can continue waterproofing others. 


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