Keeping Our Homes Clean

Nothing feels better than being in a clean home. In fact, home cleaning should be a daily routine. In my home, for instance, a single day without cleaning will leave everything in a mess, right from the kitchen and washrooms to the outdoor space.

I have been visiting several homes, and I just found out that the levels of cleanliness differ from one home to another. While there are those homes which are too clean, others are moderately clean, while others are not clean at all, with dirt and clutter being seen by everyone, right from the entrance of the home.

Whilst it can be tricky to clean some items, like rugs, there are ways to approach this to keep your furniture looking its absolute best. From using a guide to rug quality to help ensure they last, to changing their placement in the home for example.

I actually have a few luxury rugs in my home and keeping them clean and fresh is surprisingly simple. It is all about keeping on top of any dirt as soon as you spot it and making sure everyone treats your rugs with the respect that they deserve.

Anyway, here are some more steps to keeping our homes clean. 


Ensuring Adequate Water Supply

While water is not everything as far as keeping our homes clean is concerned, it is the most important element. If anyone mentions one thing that doesn't require water to clean, I will mention ten. That is how important water is. So, the question we should ask ourselves is whether we have adequate water supplies in our homes even before we think of keeping our homes clean. With water companies now readily available to supply piped water in our homes, gone are the days when water supply was a problem. However, some of these companies are not very reliable, especially in third-world countries, and I would advise anyone to have a backup system in place. Having a 5000-liter water tank in our homes is something we may want to consider. And there is also another option of having a borehole. Once we have addressed the water supply issue, we can be sure that our surfaces will be clean.


Taking Advantage of Waste Collection services

Waste collection companies are increasingly becoming popular, especially in urban areas, and it is only reasonable that we take advantage of these services. All we need to do is collect the waste in our home, deposit it at the collecting point and the service provider will come for it. And while this comes at a fee, I don't see anything wrong in parting with a few dollars for quality service. Besides, we can still do some window shopping to determine the best deal before we can opt in. In the town where I live, garbage collectors come every other day. This ensures our homes remain clean and fresh.


Waste Pit

Although it is an old method of waste management, a waste pit still works. All we need to do is dig the pit far away from our house, as the pit is usually smelly. Also, it is better to use the pit only for decomposable wastes. I usually ask my little ones to collect all polythene bags and plastics for burning, and that has really worked for me.


Taking Advantage of Dustbins

We have all been in homes where dustbins seem to be virtually in every part, right from the patio area and corridors to the living room and of, course, the kitchen. Once we have garbage bins everywhere in our homes, disposing off any waste material will be easy. Of course, none of us will leave anywaste material lying around when a dustbin is within their reach. So, we don't have to be extra disciplined to use dustbins. It is common sense whether we are in our own homes or away.


Cleaning Companies

While we can clean our homes ourselves, we may need professional home cleaners sometimes, especially when we need to carry out a thorough cleaning operation. It can be hard to choose one, but thankfully you can check reviews and other materials to make that decision. I do this once a year, and the results have been amazing. Home cleaning service providers will always do the jobs we can't, and they ensure that every nook and corner is spick and span. They have the right equipment for every surface, and they know which cleaner to use on what surface. Thus, if my toilet has changed color, I have nothing to worry about because the service providers will leave it super clean.


Regular Rubbish Picking

We have children and it is not a bad thing to make use of them. In fact, they will see it as fun when we tell them to help with rubbish collection at home. I usually motivate my kids by rewarding them with a joyride around the town after carrying out our regular rubbish collection.



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