How to Secure Our Homes

I'm done with building my dream house and can't wait to occupy it. But before that, I have to address any security concerns to ensure that I live in a secure home. After all, none of us wants to live in a home where thugs can break in anytime and demand money at gunpoint. Thus, security has to be on top of our priorities once we own a home. So, what options do we have when it comes to securing our home against thieves, thugs, or bandits – whatever name you call them?


Fence Installation

This is the first step towards improving our home security, and it is the most common security measure, as many a handyman will be able to do this for you. Having a perimeter wall around our compound is something that will definitely keep off those thugs. Moreover, reaching out to a handyman to install a new fence for you is always worth it given the additional security it brings. Very few intruders have the courage to scale long perimeter walls because they may have it tough on their way back. And while this may not mean that your home is 100% secure, it does make the work of any potential thug difficult. And believe me, no burglar will break into any home without knowing the escape route. Now, the fence doesn't have to be a concrete wall. There are those of us who have wooden fences and they have done the job excellently. It is even better if we can electrify our fences. The presence of an electric fence will make anyone who wants to intrude fearful.


Hiring a Security Guard

This is yet another common way of improving our home security, especially for those people who can afford to pay the personnel. And there

are options to choose from when it comes to having a security guard in our homes. We can either hire a security guard directly or entrust a security company with the job. I prefer the latter because they tend to be more efficient and professional in their work, even though the service may not come on the cheap. But I can't find anything wrong with spending money just to ensure my home is safe and secure.

Security Lights

No thug wants to be seen when trying to break into another person’s home, and that is why security lights are important to us. In fact, thieves and light don't go together. Simple as this security tip may look, it can cushion our homes against a potential burglary. When installing the lights, we should do it in a manner that any intruder should not access the switches as they could easily turn off the lights and execute a crime. We should also be able to shop for the best lights. Thanks to technology, manufacturers are now creating security lights which are able to sense the presence of any moving object that is passing near them. The lights will flash when anyone passes near them. It is a top-notch security feature that we must take advantage of if we want our homes to be safe.


CCTV Installation

The mere mention of a CCTV system will make any thug shrink, and that is for obvious reasons. And while we cannot be sitting on our screens all the time trying to keep watch of our homes, CCTV cameras will scare away anyone with a bad intention. And we can easily retrieve the footage just in case anything happens to our home. The good thing with a CCTV system is that it also helps to tame the behaviour of people in our homes in our absence.


Alarm Installation

An alarm system works in two ways. It scares away attackers while signalling the security authorities at the same time, be it the police or any other security personnel. Once we have a system in our homes, we can simply deal with any security incidents at the push of a button. I personally have one in my home and there has never been any attempted burglaries. While there have been incidents of theft in my neighbourhood, my home has remained immune for many years now. In fact, there are neighbours who alert me to press the alarm when their homes come under attack. Who knows, perhaps my alarm now serves the entire neighbourhood.


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