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How To Get Noticed When Online Dating

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Online dating can often seem like it’s going nowhere or you’re just not making the right connections but are you making the most of it? Your profile is your best tool for getting attention from potential matches and you want to make sure you’re using it to its fullest. First have a good look at your profile , do you think it represents you and your personality? If you can’t tell for yourself don’t be ashamed to sow your bestie because who better to make sure you’re not selling yourself short.


Choosing the right pictures is a really important part of putting together a killer dating profile. Of course we all want to look our best but ditch the filters and use a range of cute pictures. Make sure they are recent there’s nothing worse than showing up to meet someone and they are like “oh yeah that was me in 93”. Switch up your main picture to keep your profile fresh and a secret trick is when you update your profile it bumps you up the algorithm too so chances are you will get seen more. Use pictures that convey your personality and make sure to pop some full length ones in too then you won’t feel like your hiding anything. Try not to use pictures with your friends they may not want to be plastered on the internet and it can cause confusion for potential daters. You’re beautiful show the world!

Local Dating

You can be on more than one dating site to explained your chances and localised dating sites can be a great match to find soulmates round the corner. Use sites like Belfast dating site you can just pop in your local area and a site will come up like Belfast dating. Also make sure you’re using your radius on any other dating sites. If you’re willing to try long distance love then open that radius right up and you can still try different local sites.these are great if you’re going to be new to an area too.

Be Yourself

Put some effort and time into writing your profile, yes we all know they can be difficult but if it’s rushed it will show! Sharing things about yourself like your favourite bands and hobbies will let everyone who views your profile see a little about you and will give them more to connect with. You don’t have to share your life story always leave more for people to get to know. Sharing your hobbies on your page will also help you see how much attention your patch is paying when looking at your profile. I had a ton of bands and a love of vintage on mine which meant it was easy to get chatting to new people.

Chat First

I loved checking out profiles and dropping messages to fun people if not to just get an interesting chat going. In fact as crazy as it sounds I made amazing friends on dating sites who I still talk to to this day. Don’t wait around for people to message you! If you see someone you like or even just find interesting get chatting. What’s the worst that can happen? If someone is rude or doesn’t reply don’t take it personal you can block or move on that’s the beauty of online dating and who knows you may open up your profile to a full inbox.

What do you look for on an online profile?

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