4 Surprising Reasons To Cherish Virtual Date Night

Hey Cats,

For everyone in a long-distance relationship during lockdown - hang on in there!

The past two months have probably been a mix of boredom and brain-storming sessions that spruce update night so that you're not doing the same old thing. Sorry, but there are only so many times a couple can chat about what was on the dinner menu!

Regular readers will know how to make the most out of virtual date night, but that doesn't mean you're fully on board. If anything, you can't wait until the quarantine is over and you can finally get your hands on your boo.

Nobody's going to argue with you on that point! However, before you curse lockdown and your luck, consider these four benefits of remote date night.

Zoom And HouseParty Are Lifesavers

Being miles away from your loved one with only an internet connection to bridge the gap isn't ideal. Still, it could be worse. Imagine what lockdown would be like without the help of Zoom and HouseParty. You'd forget what your partner looks like! Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but you don't want your heart to become disinterested.

The next time you have to video-call your BF or GF, try and remember that you get to spend quality time together, and that's a thought worth cherishing.

Isolation Dating Forces You To Be Creative

Creativity is severely lacking in some relationships. Thankfully, the Coronavirus outbreak may relight the spark so that you go from strength to strength. The simple reason is that you have to think outside the box if you plan on spending a couple of hours per week interacting virtually. You never hosted a Beatles quiz before complete with John Lennon glasses and a wig, yet here you are belting out Imagine and putting on a scouse accent!

It may seem as if it's all novel, but the creativity part will stick and encourage you to enjoy quirkier, more exciting experiences when things go back to normal.

You May Skip A Few Relationship Bases

Are you dying to move in together? Is he putting on the brakes because he's a typical guy who doesn't like change? It's nailed on that every woman has had to deal with a stubborn man, and it ain't a walk in the park. However, spending time apart could make him see what he's got and why he should put a ring on it.

Even if marriage is too much, you could talk about the prospect of moving in before the second spike hits in the winter.

Making Up Will Be Incredible

Last but not least, when you finally get to see each other without the fear of being arrested, the moment will be so special that you may not be able to put it into words. Going for a drink, watching a film, or cooking dinner are run-of-the-mill activities you take for granted.

Well, that won't happen in a couple of weeks. The anticipation will be at a fever pitch, meaning that cuddling on the couch will feel like the greatest occasion ever!


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