Autumn Hygge: The Perfect Cosy Evening In

Hey Cats,

Life can get a little busy at times, and without time to relax we can start feeling frazzled or just outright burned out. Some time to unwind and indulge in self care now and again can be just what the doctor ordered, and with the cold nights creeping back in, a cosy night in can be the perfect way to go about it. Here are some ideas to make it extra enjoyable. 

Have a hot, pampering bath

A hot bubble bath is a great way to start off any evening in. If you have bath bombs, salts, oils and luxurious products that you save for special occasions (we’re all guilty of doing this) then get them out and don’t be afraid to use them! Apply a face mask and a hair mask and let them do their magic as you soak. Once you’re out and dry, apply a rich hydrating body butter, go through your skincare regime and paint your nails. You’ll be nice and warm and feel fresh and relaxed. 

Make your surroundings cosy

A cosy evening in means sitting in a comfortable and relaxed spot. If you’ve chosen the sofa then lay out some soft throws and pillows, you could even get your duvet from upstairs. Light some candles, put on your cosiest pyjamas and if there’s a chill in the air, light the fire or turn up the central heating. If you know that morning that you’re planning a cosy night in, you could give your home a good clean and tidy ahead of time so it’s generally nice to spend the evening in. 

Eat something delicious

What better time to indulge and have something really nice to eat than when you’re having a cosy night in. How about something slow cooked and full of flavour, if you put some ingredients in the crock pot in the morning, by the time you get home and have your hot bath you’ll have a home cooked meal all ready to go. Otherwise you could go on Pinterest and find a tasty looking meal, or order in your favourite takeaway as a treat if you don’t feel like cooking. Some snacks, hot chocolate or a glass of wine for a bit later on would be great accompaniments to your night in too. 

Find fun, relaxing things to do

To keep yourself occupied throughout the evening it’s worth planning a few things to do. Do you have a series that you’ve been wanting to watch, or a list of your favourite movies stored on Netflix? You could read an online women's magazine or buy some paper varieties and flick through them at your leisure, or you could play a game on your phone or laptop. Maybe you could enjoy a hobby like sewing or painting, or call up a friend for a chat. Activities that make you feel happy while still being relaxing.


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