How To Improve Your SEO?

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New year also means time for a revamp of your blog right? Revamps don't always need to be pretty changes to the layout or a direction. Maybe you love what you're writing but just don't seem to be getting the hits then maybe you need to look at your SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation which sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. In short it is where you land in google search when certain words are put into the key words. Everyone ideally would love to be that top search on google and there are things you can do to help improve your chances. Even top companies in Toronto use this technique and lots of people make a huge business out of helping improve peoples SEO like this website.

I want to help you improve yours in some simple steps that anyone can do while blogging and writing online. These are tricks used even by the top SEO agency.


Knowing the keyword to use when talking about any subject is important and you can can bump your post with the correct keyword use. Always make sure you use your sidebar keywords too as this not only helps keep your blog easily categorised but also helps you boost up that search engine too. Try and use keywords in your titles too, I know it can be tempting to be cryptic about what the post will be about but more people will find it if you're a bit direct and you can be as fun as you like in the post then.


Nor only does your content need to be compelling enough to bring an audience in but you also want them to stay around for a bit and even better to interact and leave a comment. I know the comment sections seem to be dying out recently and this is where your tribe of readers are super important, Let them know how much you love hearing from them and how much it helps you out when they stop by. The longer people stay on your page and the more they interact or jump on to other posts the better your SEO becomes.

Content length

Great content is easy to read and take in but should also be at least 300-500 words at least a post. You can write more sure just make sure you're not waffling to meet a word count and in the meantime losing the value of what you're actually saying! In other words don't bore and scare away your readers because that's who we write for at the end of the day!


When designing your layout it is important to remember that people consume your blog in a number of ways. They may use their phones, ipads or computer and it needs to be compatible with all of these and easy to navigate. In such a huge market if your page takes too long to load or is just hard to get around the reader will just move on and find someone else who has a mobile accessible site. I can put my hand up and say that most blogs I read I do on my phone these days so I find this a really important tool to consider when putting your blog together.

Has this been of help to you? would you like more posts on blogging?



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