5 Reasons To Go To Las Vegas

Hey Cats,

From as long as I can remember I have always wanted to visit Las Vegas . I still haven't managed to make the trip just yet but am so excited about the idea still that I just need to make this happen. To me Las Vegas is full of tacky wonder , lights and excitement.

The Shows

Everywhere you turn in Vegas there is a show, from Britney to magic acts to musicals and show girls. I love a good show and the best of the best have a run in Vegas. I think you could find several shows for every day if you wanted to and there would still be plenty to do. I love visiting places brimming with things to see and do. The bustle of busy feet and laughter of people enjoying themselves is infectious and I thrive in that environment. To performers it may be just another day in the office but a well produced show can leave a lasting impression and really make your trip.


Much like the shows there is a busy nightlife and I imagine thats when Vegas really comes to life. Plenty of parties to go to or casinos to visit. There are some amazing food places that can be experience too! If casinos are your thing just be careful and set yourself a limit and in the words of Kenny Rogers "you gotta know when to walk away" if your losing perk yourself and go out if your winning then great take your winnings and go have fun out on the town.

The Desert

Vegas is actually surrounded by mountain ranges and deserts and this can make an interesting trip for those of us who have never visited the desert before. Having the chance to check out the vast landscapes and take in the views sounds really interesting. There just isn't anything like that near me so sounds like an adventure in the making.

The Grand Canyon

I have always wanted to go to see the Grand Canyon and get the feeling that the sheer vastness has the humbling effect that the sea has. There is just something about experiencing huge natural things and realising how small you are in the world. For me it kind of gives me a bit of a shake up and helps me align any bad feelings and problems I have and get them in check so I would love to check this out and see if thats the impact it has. Plus so many amazing films have featured this landscape so just seeing it would be a bit magical.

To Get Married

The running joke if anyone says they are going to Vegas is if they are going to get married. Truth is I would love to get married in Vegas. No fuss just marrying the one you love without all the crazy debt to go with it. Extra points if it is a themed wedding as you can have anything from Elvis to Dracula helping you along with your special vows.

Have you been yet?




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