Take On A New Challenge

Hey Cats,

It is coming up to the end of the year and it is always a time where we reflect on the year gone by and the goals we set for ourselves. Did we manage to achieve everything we wanted to and even if we didn't that is fine because life happens and we never know what it will hand us from one day to the next. I think no matter what it is still important to keep setting those goals for ourselves and keep striving to achieve more. I was asked by hydrosolar.ca and Northern Mat & Bridge about new skills that are never to late to learn. So lets explore a few.

A musical instrument

We all envy that person that's amazing on the piano or guitar and our instant reaction is usually...."Oh I wish I had learnt to play" but what is actually stopping us from learning to play now? It is all about practise and you may find you have a hidden talent or you may have to work hard at it but until you pick up that instrument you will never learn it. Ontario Conservatory of Music help thousands of people learn to master their musical skills every day. However in a technical world online tutorials you can learn to play almost any instrument out there. I had the awesome gift of a melodica a few Christmas ago and I have to admit it has been gathering dust but this next year I am going to pick it up and learn even just one song and then annoy the hell out of everyone until I learn another.

Climb that mountain

This could be literally or even metaphorically I know every year I threaten to take on a big challenge be it actually climbing a mountain or planning a huge fundraiser or even both. Stop putting it off and do it there are lots of great ways to break down a big challenge. I am a big fan of mapping out the idea and then thinking about all the things stopping me and breaking down those barriers one by one. Maybe you would love to start a new job but need a new skill to get there and the end goal seems so far away? Break your goal down into manageable ideas then it won't seem as far away as you think when you focus on one step of the goal at a time,. For example, I really want to learn to drive but to get there I need to first get my eyes tested to see if my eye condition allows me to so instead of panic and worrying I need to book an eye test and then worry about the next step when the time comes.

Learn something physical

Getting physical doesn't have to mean going to the gym all the time. You can get physical by learning a new skill like archery or cross bow shooting like on this website. You could go on long walks with your friend while you catch up on some gossip. When we think of getting physical we instantly think of the gym when there are so many more options out there. Challenge yourself to find something both entertaining and physical that you can do on your level and work on it.

Is there anything you're thinking about putting on your goal list this year?



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