3 Ways To Cut Down On Your Car Expenses!!

Hey Cats

Last year you will remember one of my goals was to get driving and I am not ashamed to admit that I haven;t managed to achieve that just yet! However I had a real good think about why that is and I realised I let the fear of how much it would cost get in the way. So I broke it down in ways to save money on car expenses and here are my top 3. 

Buy second hand

Buying a well looked after second hand car could actually save you a fortune rather than buying new. So many people assume that new cars are the way forward but you are actually paying a fortune just for the pleasure of having a brand new car and it can be tempting to get into debt and leasing new cars. As soon as you drive that car away the value drops instantly so why not save some money and try out a second hand car?

Making sure that you know the history is vital so buying from a trusted dealership means you can get advice and find out more before you buy. When buying from a dealership they would have already checked the car over for any faults and will have a mechanic you can chat to on site in most cases. Plus you can take the car for a no pressure test drive.  KAP Motors has an amazing range of used cars in Brighton. Browse their website and book online now. I tend to find this option more appealing as buying a car off someone you don't really know when you don't have amazing car knowledge is hard plus with a dealership it is much easier to return and get help if you have any problems. 

Shop Around for insurance

You can't be alive without knowing who the meercats are and one great thing they have taught people is the importance of shopping around. Don't just jump on the first deal you're offered as it may not actually be the best option for you! There are lots of comparison websites around for you to look at and compare different premiums. There is an affordable plan out there for everyone it just takes some looking sometimes. 

Use When Needed

The biggest thing with driving is it is amazing for creating independence and expanding your opportunities but it can also make you start relying on it. The best way to save money is use the car for those more important trips if you can get there by walking then do it still. If work is 5 minutes away take that walk you will save money and get fit at the same time. It can be super tempting to have the safety net of your own space but using your car for needless trips will have you spending more than you need on fuel. 

What are your tips for saving money on your car expenses?


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