Bringing A Room Together With Feature Walls

Hey Cats,

When it comes to decorating a house the easiest way to make a room is to have a Feature wall. It can really make rooms look a lot bigger then they are are most people do the other three walls light and neutral and then have one main feature wall that draws the eyes in. I still think this is a classic and quick way to get the best from a room. It can do wonders for small rooms keeping them cosy but really creating the illusion of larger spaces.

The classic way to have a feature wall is to have a bright colour on one or even just to wallpaper one with a fun print. I miss my old bedroom which had a lovely loud leopard print wall but had the leopard been on all the walls not only would you have a weird psychedelic headache but the room would just close in around you and become very claustrophobic. Limiting loud prints means they have more of an impact and you really get the detailing of a stunning wall paper when it is matched with a neutral wall. You can then liven the room up with lots of cute accessories any excuse to get lots of lovely candles or prints to make a room more you.

Another great way to bring a feature wall into your home is by exposing some brick work. It is best to get a professional to help with this as they can make sure the room still stays well insulated and that the brick work has been protected. Sometimes it is better to use a professional who is able to create a stylish piece for you which looks like exposed brick but has actually been created which also then gives you more freedom to choose the kind of look you want do you want a traditional red brick look or a sandy stone? 

These can be created with brick slips which is a kind of tile that you can use on your wall to create the illusion of brick. They still look and feel like brick work and will give that rustic feel you want for a fraction of the price of unearthing your real brickwork, You can order samples and play around before committing and getting an idea of what you want. They are also a lot slimmer than real bricks so won't bulk up the room anymore than normal. If you have a log burner they are also heat resistant and just think of that stunning finish you will have right in your home bringing the fire and brick together has that real rustic edge.

The great thing about brick slips is that they can be used outside too if you want to have a brick finish outside. If you get the right kind then they are weather protected as they are made from coloured concrete.

Have you heard of brick slips before? What kind of brick look would you bring into your home?



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