Staying Safe When Exploring No String Sex

Hey Cats,

It is crazy how much attitudes towards sex has changed over time as a generation it is the norm to be able to talk openly about sex and desires without being ashamed but not so long ago this was shunned upon and in fact in many cultures still is. Yes sex can be a very intimate and sacred thing and sharing your body with someone is a very personal experience but that is the point really isn't it that it is your body, therefore your choice who you share it with?

In some respects we are leaps ahead that we can meet people from sex dating sites for no strings dating and in other ways we have only just legalised gay marriage recognising that love is stronger than hate. Thank goodness we finally have and now we can move forward and start working more on peoples attitudes towards sex instead of getting hung up on who people love. Sex education in school should be a powerful experience that teaches both girls and boys to be open to experience but most of all to ensure they are being safe and that's what I want to talk about safety when you decide to have no strings sexual relationships. Protecting yourself and others is the most important thing no matter how you approach a sexual connection.

No strings sex can come in many forms from meeting someone in a nightclub and having a one night stand to meeting someone online and arranging to meet up exclusively for sex. Some people create an on going thing with one person and others prefer to sleep with lots of different and varied people. The most important thing is however you decide to do this make sure you do this in a safe way.

If you're open to new experiences there are lots of gatherings and club nights that cater to people meeting sexual encounters in different forms you can meet for group sex or private but this is a safe place where you can meet someone and explore your kinks and then leave without worrying. These places can be very open or discreet and can be a great place to start your journey by meeting and chatting to people about their experiences. You are in control of your body and people will only expect to have sex with you in if you consent but lots of people chat and are open to sharing their experiences. Just because you're in a club that people openly have sex in doesn't mean you have to take part if you don't feel comfortable.

Get to know your own sexual limits and explore these because sometimes talking about something and experiencing it can be a very different thing. So many people after reading 50 shades of gray wanted to jump on the BDSM waggon and that is fine but be sure to know your limits within your exploring it is okay to say No if you feel uncomfortable make sure that you discuss your boundaries before and have a safe word if you need a time out or want to stop completely. Remember you are the one that is control of your body at all times.

Contraception is important and making sure you get tested between partners at sexual health clinics there are lots of amazing resources available. So many people will forget a condom or tell you they are allergic or even funnier that they just can't find them to fit trust me some people will try anything as sure condomless sex feels much better but safety is much more important when you don't know someones sexual history. Carry condoms and take contraception yourself you can get these for free at sexual health clinics with lots of advice on different contraception you can try and find out which is best for you. If you do go without condoms or femidoms make sure you're not ashamed to go get tested too because this is important. Getting tested may sound scary but it is really easy and it is empowering knowing that you are safe and it is respectful when entering any kind of sexual encounter to know. If anything does happen don't worry it can be treated and you will not have to worry.

In conclusion yes be free explore sex and kinks and your own body don't be scared to indulge in lots of self love getting yourself off will massively improve your sexual experiences as you will know exactly what you like and what works for you and sometimes you may even find that is enough for you but then when you do next have sex you can make sure you get what you need as well as pleasing whoever you are with. Be safe and don't be afraid to be vocal about contraception and boundaries but most of all have fun! Explore yourself and enjoy the journey.

Be safe!


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