3 Fun Ways to Break the Pattern and Spend Your Friday Night

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So, the weekend looms large, but you’re just not in the mood for the usual routine. You’ve been clubbing so much, and you’ve spent so much of your time drinking in bars, that it’s all begun to blur together and it feels practically like work. Same hangouts, same ritual, some headache and toasted cheese sandwich in the morning.

This time, you’ve decided, you want to do something different. Something fun, interesting, and even memorable.

Maybe you feel like flying solo and having a good night out by yourself without interacting with too many other people, or then again, maybe you’ve got a special someone, or a few friends, who you want to hang out with.

Whatever the occasion, here are a few ideas of ways you can spend your Friday night that are fun, interesting, and that break the normal weekend routine.

Go see a play at the theatre

These days, pretty much everyone has seen hundreds if not thousands of films by the time they reach adulthood, but it’s entirely possible that you’ve never seen a single play in your life, as of reading this. (School plays and pantomimes not included).

The thing is, the theatre is an ancient and well-respected institution for a reason. Firstly, it was the direct forerunner of the cinema, but it’s also a great way of entertaining yourself, engaging your imagination, and feeling “present” in the action, all at once.

Classic plays like The Phantom of the Opera will give you a dose of gothic-horror-meets-drama that will send shivers up your spine, while Aladdin is a family-friendly option, and The Book of Mormon will meet all of your irreverent comedic needs.

Pick a play, find an accessible theatre where it’s running, and pay a visit. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Go to a museum late night opening

Some people love museums; others are a bit ambivalent about them. One modern trend that might turn the museum experience into a great Friday-night hang-out, for you, however, is the phenomenon of museum late nights.

These have spread like wildfire in parts of the UK, US, and abroad, and will typically involve special interactive events, film screenings, food and drink, and more.

Although you might not be expecting it, a major, respectable museum in your area could be running a silent disco, dinosaur exhibit, and film-night, all on the same night, sometime this month.

Go to an outdoor cinema

Drive-in cinemas aren’t really commonplace these days, but they were once a major cultural institution, as documented in films like Grease.

Nonetheless, you can still find a few scattered around, but more likely you’ll be able to find various other forms of artsy outdoor cinema, which will allow you to spread out a blanket, or sink into a comfortable seat on a warm summer’s evening, and watch a film while enjoying the perfect mix of ambiance and cool breeze.

The UK’s moving Luna Cinema, for example, allows you to relax and watch a film in the grounds of various historical hotspots, with bar, restaurant, and toilet services included.


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