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Staying At The Full Moon Hostel Bristol

Hey Cats,

If you keep a close eye on my Instagram then recently you would have noticed me and Mr Kaos took a trip to Bristol to see an awesome band play. We love Bristol as a place and always enjoy taking the trip to check out some of our favourite acts when they perform. The Mr had never stayed in a hostel before and since we were only going to be there for one night then I thought now was the chance to convince him that hostels can be awesome places to stay. When I saw the street art clad Full Moon I knew it was the place for us.

Where is it?

Featured in the heart of Bristol city centre in walking distance from lots of restaurants, venues, shops and the train station. Really easy to get to on foot it took us about 15 minutes from the train station or you could jump in a cab and it won't cost you a fortune as you will be in it for 2 minutes. You can't miss it as it is a beautiful colourful building covered in a landscape of galaxy.

What was the room like?

We kind of cheated on the whole hostel experience in that we booked a private room but purely because we are a couple and want to be able to cuddle up. The private room we had was the mushroom room named so because the art in the room is like a mushroom garden. Designed by the artist Scribs taking you into a Forest wonderland with cute woodland style curtains to match and a beautiful full moon on the ceiling. We had a great view of an Alice in wonderland style sculpture and the garden. In the room we had a double bunk bed which means that the room can sleep up to 3 people which is great value as the room only cost £40 a night. The bed is basic but it is somewhere to get your head down and sleep for the night and serves it's purpose I had a great nights sleep after a good night out. The room also has a TV , desk with chair, reading light and full length mirror which is all we really needed.

Other rooms are available which sleep dorm style which is great if there is a group travelling together or if you don't mind sharing and want to meet new people. There is also another private room available but these do go fast.

What about the facilities?

Toilets and showers aren't in the room but don't let that put you off they are close by there are plenty and they are clean with plenty of privacy. The showers are cubicles so stop with the flashbacks to PE showers at school. In fact every time I went to the loo or for my shower I didn't bump into anyone. Obviously there will be busy times like close to check out. You can rent towels for £1 or just bring your own and primark is stone throw away so if you want to buy one it isn't that hard.

There is also a huge kitchen with fridges and cookers so if you are staying for a week or more you can save cash eating out and cook your dinners there. I loved that there was a free food box which anyone who was leaving popped things in we left some snacks and pop as we were going as rather than carry them we wanted them to go to good use.

Next to the kitchen is a common room with a big seating area where you can watch TV, one of the many DVDs or kick back with a book from the book swapping case. A great place to meet other people who are also staying. There is also a dining area and a place to either hook up laptops or computers to use. If you are worried about valuables there are lockers which are better if you're staying in the dorm style rooms but our room was lockable with only us in them anyway.

The Bar and Venue

The great thing about the Full Moon is that it is also a bar and venue. The hostel is situated above the bar so be warned it can be a bit noisy especially on weekends but on the night we stayed it was silent by midnight I imagine on weekends it is a bit later but if you are there to have a good time join in and have some fun. Everyone in the bar was really friendly and welcoming as were the hostel staff and the bar has some great drinks we had a lovely pink rhubarb cider that was almost to easy to drink. There is a noodle bar and pizzas that look crazy good which sadly as we were only there for one night we didn't get a chance to try but were told by locals are the best in Bristol. You can even have a photo in the photo booth.

We really enjoyed our stay and will definitely return if we have anymore gigs in Bristol cheap and cheerful but with so much packed in for your money. If you want to try a hostel this s a great place to start best I have stayed in. 

have you stayed at the Full moon?


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