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Live large in liverpool on a budget -great date ideas

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Sometimes when dating it is important to take some time out for each other, be it a new relationship or married with 2.5 kids it is important to squeeze in that quality alone time. It doesn't always have to cost a fortune either you can grab some great deals from places like Groupon. There are lots of fun things to do in cities and there are definitely some exciting things to do in Liverpool. If I am travelling to a different city like Liverpool I always have a quick look at deals not only to save money but also to get some ideas for some great things to do. Keep an eye out for great discount codes too from places like dealsqueen it can help you save money and have more to spend having fun.

Try  A Spa

This one is great for couples who already have busy lives together sometimes when you live together and see each other every day it can be hard to unwind and we all deserve a rest. There are so many fantastic spa deals available saving a huge amount sometimes even hundreds of pounds. Right now there is a great deal to have a spa day for two with three treatments, lunch and champagne with access to facilities for just £94 instead of £273. Now if that price tag doesn't help you relax then a dip in the pool or some time in the sauna together can really help you enjoy some stress free time leave any worries at the door and just be together. I love the steam room and just love taking a dip after a quick shower.

Connect with Animals

Farms can be a really fun way to have a quirky day out and support local family run businesses. I was so excited to see an alpaca walk with Suzie's alpacas for just £12! Me and my other half both share a love for animals and getting to spend some time fussing a lovely alpaca would being a smile to our faces. You can have a one on one experience with such a lovely animal and hey if the date goes really well they even come to weddings so who knows a walk with these Alpacas could end in wedding bells!


If you're a couple who loves adventure and team work to bring you closer together then water sports could be your thing. You can get kayaking out on the water for four hours for the bargain price of £17. This one is not for me I would spend more time in the water than on it but a fun packed day to work up an appetite. If the sun is shining and you want to get your heart racing by trying something new then Fordsham water sports even have their own jetty but make sure you bring a spare set of clothes where you can have a nice shower and get changed.

Wine and Dine

After a day of adventure or relaxing you gotta get some lovely food and why not go all pout and partake in some fine dining. Spiga are currently offering a two course Italian meal with wine for £17!! Yes you heard me with wine wine and Italian food go hand in hand so it would be criminal not to sample. If steak is not for you there are also vegetarian options available. A decent meal out is a classic way to connect with great food and good wine and the best company you have a recipe for a night of love.

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