Creating a fitness regime you can stick to

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Creating a fitness regime you can stick to
Let’s face it, sticking to an exercise regime can be easier said than done. Once the novelty of a get
fitkick has worn off, it’s difficult to maintain your motivation. If you’ve struggled with this in the
past, keep reading. The following tips should help you to stay on track with your exercise routine.
Invest in exercise gear you can use at home
Squeezing gym trips into a busy schedule can be tricky, so why not bring the gym to you by
investing in some of your own exercise gear to use at home? You don’t have to spend much money
to do this.

Online retailers such as Hi House offer inexpensive equipment ranging from ab rollers, medicine
balls and yoga mats to resistance bands, kettle bells and lifting bags. Having these fitness aids close
to hand means you don’t have to travel to keep your exercise regime going. Even if you only have a
spare few minutes in the morning or evening, you can fit in a home gym session.

Find activities you actually enjoy
Forcing yourself to do activities you don’t like might work for a while, but over time your routine’s
bound to slip. This is why it’s so important to find exercises that you actually enjoy. If you haven’t
discovered the right activity yet, keep looking until you do. From swimming, to yoga, to mountain
biking, to dance, there’s no shortage of options. By being open minded and testing a variety of
sports and exercises, you should be able to find something that really motivates you.
Make it social
Tearing yourself away from the TV and the couch might be a lot easier if you have an exercise buddy
to help you. Making a regular arrangement to meet a friend, whether it’s to go for a jog, attend an
exercise class or play a sport, can be that extra impetus you need to get out of the house and get
moving. You might even find you build up a healthy rivalry with your health kick compadre that
spurs you on to try harder.
Joining a sports or fitness club is also a great way to maintain your motivation. From a squash
ladder at work, to a local tennis or cycling club, there are a number of ways to make exercise a
more social experience.
Plan ahead

Especially if you’re busy with work, family life or other commitments, forward planning is an
essential part of keeping up a fitness regime. If you don’t think ahead and set aside time for
exercise, you might find that days or even weeks go by and you haven’t done any. It’s probably
not that you’reoccupied every second of every day, but rather that you haven’t managed to
prioritise properly.
On a Sunday before the start of a new week, why not decide when you’ll do your exercises over the
next seven days and get these sessions booked into your diary?
Play the long game
It’s tempting to think that a new exercise routine will work miracles within a few short months, but
in reality it can take much longer than this to see noticeable results. If expect to transform yourself
overnight, you might feel disappointed and disheartened, and this could put you off. As long as
you’re patient and you keep plugging away though, you’re bound to see positive effects. The key
is to be realistic and make sure you’re playing the long game.

Sticking to a fitness regime can undoubtedly be a challenge, but following these suggestions should
make it easier.  

what do you do for fitness?


  1. Hi Kitty,

    great post, it is sooo important to find something you enjoy so that you can do it consistently and regularly otherwise you won't keep it up!

    I love lifting weights and have been doing it 3 time sa week for years and years now!


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