Job Hunting 101: Securing The Interview

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been out of work for a while or you are looking to jump up
onto the next rung of the career ladder, mastering the art of job hunting can seem like a
minefield. You aren’t sure of the approach to take, you don’t know how best to prepare for
an interview and the last time you applied for a job was over a decade ago. Things have
moved forward, and you have to ensure that your CV is strong enough to compete with
your potential job hunting rivals. Take a look at these simple steps to guide you through
the application process and give you the maximum chance of securing an interview.

Be Focused

Just because you are eager to find a new job, there is no point taking a scattergun approach
to the job hunting process. If you are applying for every single position that mentions the
word marketing because this is the field you specialise in, you will soon become disheartened
when you don’t make it to interview after the thirty applications you made in one week. You
need to be nuanced and only apply for those roles that you genuinely want to secure.

Take a look at the essential criteria for every role you are considering and ensure that you
fulfil it. There’s no point applying for a position that requires a masters level qualification if
you only attended two years of college. This will end up being a waste of your time and will
see your CV sitting on the rejection pile without even being considered.

Develop Your Skills

If you are finding that the roles you want to go for require a qualification that you don’t have,
go out of your way to obtain it or work towards it so you can document this on your
application. Employers will look favourably on those candidates who are trying to better
themselves and enhance their professional credentials. By undertaking an
online masters in supply chain management, an MBA or software specific training, you are making yourself more appealing to employers. This is especially true for those individuals looking to progress and seek a promotion.
Application Form

It goes without saying that you need to ensure your spelling, grammar and punctuation on
an application form is perfect. If you aren’t using capital letters and full stops or you have
spelt the name of the company you are applying to incorrectly, this does not create a good
first impression. At the same time, you need to ensure your applications are bespoke to
every position you are applying for. Using a standard template can be spotted a mile off and
looks lazy and shoddy. You need to address a cover letter directly to an individual and show off
your knowledge a little about the company you are applying to and the position on offer. You
need to make yourself such a strong candidate that they simply have to meet with you.

Trying to secure a new job is nerve-wracking, daunting and often a long process. However,
if you can get your foot in the door and secure an interview, then you are halfway there.



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