Call The Doctor Mr!

Hey Cats,

Being British and having a stiff upper lip can have a big downfall on the community
we are kind of brought up taught not to complain and bother people too much unless
it's over a brew or on the telly. This filters into society in so many ways but a big factor
it plays on is teaching men to keep quiet and not ask for help! I was recently reading in
the media about how there is a form of Viagra being put into pharmacies because so
many men are too embarrassed to go to the doctor to talk about their problems, you can

It got me to thinking about why men don't want to go to the doctor are we as a society
failing the men and boys in our lives. We have come so far in breaking down gender
stereotypes and barriers for both men and women but a big factor that is still an obstacle
is knowing it's ok for men to step forward and ask for help. It's ok not to be ok all the time
and recognising and admitting to that is half the battle.

So many men are scared to step forward and see a doctor be it for infertility, impotence,
prostate exams or mental health issues those appointments aren't getting booked. Whilst
yes an issue may be embarrassing to you a doctor is a trained professional who really can
help you tackle a problem which can change your life and even save it in some cases.

I particularly worry about the stigma of mental health and the impact it is having on the males
around us. Men statistically don't seek out enough support for their mental health issues.
Instead a reaction from their peers and family is to man up. If anything could be less stigmatised
I would love to see more awareness around helping men to step forward and face problems it is
so dangerous for issues to go unaided or supported. The more comfortable anyone is made
tofeel about going to doctors even for little things like a check up could break down those
barriers around seeking help when it's needed most.

How do you think we could help going forward?


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