Tips For Creating Great Content

Hey Cats,

So many people when I tell them that I blog say that they would love to start a blog themselves
but they have nothing to talk about. I always find that crazy as everyone has something
interesting to talk about or views to share. If you’re one of those people or if you just struggle
with writing then keep reading for some blogging tips. Set up that blog and find your own tribe
to share a little glimpse into your world and what makes it go around. You don’t have to be in
the business of content marketing to write great articles.

Write about what you know!

I love running a lifestyle blog because it opens up the spectrum of possibilities for content
topics. Sharing your life and what you enjoy doing, products you use and places you go mean
you will never be short of something to share with your readers. We are always consuming
without thinking and I love turning to blogs to find out what new shampoo I should try or to find
a recipe to cook as I find blogs easier to connect with.

Write about the things you already love and care about like your kids start a parenting blog to
share all the fun things you do together and create memories to look back on! That trip to your
local farm could encourage other parents to take their children there and suggests new places
you could also try. When you write about things your interested in it shines through in your
writing and will attract more readers to your blog organically.

Planning is key

Take some time out to brainstorm ideas about different blog posts or categories. I always
carry a notebook for when an idea hits or put ideas into drafts on my blog then make sure
I try and implement them by planning them into a diary. Working out a schedule and try to
stick to it.

Planning a post is like writing the framework for a grade A essay. You want structure
and thought to shine through to your audience as without planning your posts may
come across as waffle which could lose you returning readers. Think about the key
points you want to get across by bullet pointing them and then elaborate to entice more
views. Make sure you share facts or make it clear when you are giving your opinion
based on key evidence or experience to gain trust. There if no point saying a cream
is amazing for dry skin if you have oily skin and have never used the product this will
only show and you will get called out for being spammy and fake when you could be
sharing your real experience. I most enjoy writing about plus size fashion because
I know from my own experience that it can be difficult to find daring and stylish outfits
and want to share confidence and killer clothes with more plus babes.

Find a Niche but be diverse

You may have a specialist knowledge on a subject and find a niche in a specific field like a
wedding blog. Make sure you do your research to not only talk about your own wedding but
helping readers planning theirs too. You can do this by instead of just talking about the venue
you want showing readers other venues you considered or they may enjoy or even doing a
wedding dress look book of all kinds of different styles. This way your content still stays
diverse in a streamlined subject appealing to more of an audience.


The best way to learn about quality content is to read lots of other blogs. Find out what kind of
posts you loved to read and what made them great? If the audience is engaging well and
yours aren’t are there any differences? Perhaps the writer shares their blog posts more, uses
more pictures or break the article into small readable chunks. Reading blogs and magazines
can give you ideas of your own just make sure that you aren’t so influenced by someone else’s
work you end up becoming a carbon copy because it is easy to get lost in a sea of same old
content. Keep it fresh and true to yourself.

Be consistent

When you write make sure you do so on a regular basis or at least as often as possible.
Anything from everyday to once a week let’s visitors to your blog know that you are reliable
and have fresh ideas and fun things to share. Some bloggers schedule down to what type
of content is going out in certain days and share that timetable with readers. That way if
they get hooked on a feature you run they know when to come back and check out more.

Most of all be yourself and stay true to who you are and what you want from your blog
and the content will flow and be appreciated by the right people.

Have you got any blogging tips for great content?



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