Thou Shalt Swipe Right: The Commandments Of Tinder Travel

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Travelling is a perfect way to see the world and meet new people. And, a big part of socialising
and making new friends is dating or casual sex. Yep, it’s a taboo that lots of bloggers won’t
address, but your libido won’t stop because you’re in a foreign country. The truth is it grows and
the urges are harder to resist. Thankfully, dating apps are on hand to guide you through the
process and to introduce you to cute locals. Still, Tindering while travelling isn’t as easy as swiping
left or right. Here are the commandments prescribed by the online dating Gods.

Upgrade Your Passport

Free users of Tinder don’t get access to cool extras like ‘Tinder Passport.’ The way it works is simple: you change your location and start swiping to meet new people from around the world.
At £7 a month, it isn’t an extravagant expense by any means and it allows you to do some
pre-travel research. Forking out for the Plus option lets you connect with matches in advance so
you don’t have to waste time when you land. Thrifty users can start swiping as soon as they hit
the tarmac to make sure Tinder changes the location.

Be Upfront

Admitting that a holiday is a great way to meet matches on a casual basis is a major part of the
battle. Plenty of women find it difficult to say out loud, or in their head, because of societal pressures. Nope, wanting a one night stand doesn’t make you a hoe, or whatever the phrase may be at the moment. So, don’t’ be scared to be upfront on your profile. For example, you may include the length
of your stay to insinuate your dating preferences. Some ladies like to use euphemisms such as
‘here for a good time, not a long time.’

Review Your Pics

What works in one country may not be successful in another. Typically western nations have values that are at odds with less liberal cultures, and you should use this to your advantage. Back home, smoking in a picture may not be cool or attractive for the majority of Tinder users. However, the stats show that cigarettes come out on top in the smoking vs vaping debate outside of Europe. Adding an image where you have a smoke in hand, then, could be a strategic masterstroke. Of course, don’t feel pressured into doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, like following the new vaping trend.

Be Flexible

In this context, it means don’t use online dating apps just to find romantic interests. Abroad, it’s actually useful to talk to matches to find out about the area and gain insider knowledge. For instance, a guy, or a girl, should be able to tell you where to go to find the best nightlife in the city. Following their instructions may end up with you having the time of your life. And, who knows? Maybe a local bar or club is where you locate the love of your life or the love of the trip!

Are you an avid traveller? How do you use dating apps abroad?


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