She DOES Want To Be 'All By Herself'

Hey Cats,

When a guy lives alone, he’s a bachelor. He’s cool and trendy, and he’s living the life all men want. Yet, when a woman chooses to live that way, she’s a spinster. It’s tragic. After all, what woman would actually want to live alone?

In truth, quite a few. In fact, nearly as many women live alone as men. And, while it may come as a
shock, many of them do so, because they want to. That’s right; women sometimes choose to be
alone. Look at all the solo travelettes out there, who are reclaiming the power and doing it for
themselves. Living alone is no different. Yet, the stigma surrounding single female living is still
immense. In an attempt to overcome that, we’re going to untangle some of the crossed wires.

A single woman must be in want of a man

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any women living alone must be in want of a man.
Okay, that’s not quite how Pride and Prejudice begins. But, you get the idea. When a man lives
alone, people accept it’s through choice. But, they have a harder time accepting a woman would
choose the same. All women need men around the place. Who else can take out the trash and
tackle the more challenging aspects of home life? She may be good at decorating, but there’s SO
much more to think about.

Okay, things aren’t quite that bad anymore. But, ‘spinsters’ are still seen as tragic. No matter what
they say, everyone assumes they wish they had a family. In some cases that’s true, but as many
bachelors probably wish the same. Other times, though, women choose to live alone because they
want to. The peace which comes with solo living is precisely what they’re after. Accept it!

Woman can’t pay the bills

We've come a long way with regards to women’s rights, but people still hold pretty ancient beliefs in
some respects. And, money is one of them. Any woman will tell you that she faces money prejudice
on a daily basis. On the whole, people still struggle to accept women as the primary earners in
households, for example. And, when women live alone, people still hold a secret belief that they’ll
never be able to pay the bills.

In truth, single living is expensive no matter your sex. Men across the country throw themselves into
poverty to meet the costs of single living. And, yes, women do the same. But, that’s more to do with
unaffordable housing than anything else. In truth, plenty of bachelors also have no choice but to take
out micro loans to cover monthly costs. Instead of dwelling on the gender divide, these troubles
suggest we should take a closer look at society as a whole.

In reality, it’s time we stopped pitying women who go it alone and gave them the respect they
deserve. Most are fully aware of the above prejudices, but they do it anyway. That’s conviction worth


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