PalmistryHD an App That Sees The Future?

Hey Cats,

If you have ever been strolling along a British sea side town or even some city centres lately then a lady will usually try and coax you into having your palm read. You may be sceptical or even a little scared but there is no need to be palmistry has been part of many cultures around the world for a very long time. The roots of this ancient art come from Hindu astrology so stem from India, Palestine, Tibet and more. Personally I am fascinated by the idea that the lines on our hands can tell us about our past or future. Our hands are so intricate and individual so why would it seem so strange that maybe things can be mapped out?

However sometimes you should just have a bit of fun with things like this and see them as something interesting to take with a pinch of salt. Now on your phone or Ipad you can get a cool new app that tells you more so if you just want to dip your toe into the astro world this could be the perfect way. PalmistryHD offers you a palm reading with insight into your future as well as daily horoscopes.

I was so interested to find out about the different lines of the hand and what they mean as well as what the different fingers represent. I have always had an interest in palms from a young age as my family tree stems back to travellers and for many this is a part of their culture and life. I remember my Nana talking to me about my palm and how hands held so many tales and she even got me a tiny little book to read up. I was so sad when I lost it and finding this app brought back a lot of found memories for me. 

The app is really easy to use, I downloaded it on my ipad so I could enjoy the full HD and see it on a bigger screen. It is also available on your phone or also on Android too. The way it works is using your camera on your chosen device you take a picture of your palm and then the app converts this into a reading which is then broken down into different sections such as love, health, and more. You get access to a fair amount on the free version of the app allowing you to get an overall reading which even if you don't believe can be very motivational to read because lets face ti when someone is telling you that you're awesome how can that not be good.

Once you have had your reading you can read more in depth profiles and then if you are willing to pay for the full app you Can open it up to learn more about palmistry and what your hand says about you such as what children may be in your future and the love that will come to you. However if you want to try it out for free first you still get access to a fair amount of readings plus a daily horoscope and if you don't take it too seriously then this app can be a lot of fun. I love the design and colours which make it easy to read day or night and I find the layout really relaxing and calming. My readings pretty much read like a giant pep talk and I read that so even if they aren't your thing give it a go just for a little motivation.

Have you tried this app or anything similar?


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