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Dating Over The Festive Holidays

Hey Cats,

The festive period seems to be one of those times when you can start feeling a little lonely. Everyone seems to be buying gifts for loved ones and you may decide you want to get out there on the dating scene but what happens to dating over the festive season?  Believe it or not it is a great time to get dating because there are lots of people out there who feel just the same as you do and it is a time when people love celebrating. So my tips for dating over the festive season are as follows....

Get out there

There are lots of parties and nights out planned over the holidays and you should say yes to as many as possible. Yes having to buy presents for family and friends can mean you’re feeling the pinch a little but this time of year is about having fun and really enjoying yourself with your friends and making new connections. Go to that big New Years night out and dance at the office party and you will be surprised who you will meet when you are just out and about having fun. Most people who don’t go out all year attend at least one big event over the festive period I know some amazing people who are the perfect couples that met on a new year night out.


Take risks

You may have had the biggest crush on Steve from accounts for the longest time but been too scared to say anything, you already know from Susan on reception that he is free and single so take the office Christmas party as a chance to finally get to know him. You may find out he is super dreamy or not your type but you took that step. Get out there take those risks just let people know if your interested the worst that can happen is they say no and so much goes on over Christmas it will soon be forgotten in no time and hey you may fine out that you prefer Emma from sales anyway.

Get online

If you’re looking for something  a little more relaxed and on the go then try online dating. So many people meet online now as it is easy to make a profile and connect with people within minutes plus you can get to know them through the holidays and arrange a date in the new year. Some great sites to try are Yorkshire dating, Wiltshire dating, Jersey dating agency, Buckinghamshire dating, and Cheshire dating. It is the norm now for people to have met online and not as taboo as it once I was so don’t worry about what people will think. You never know love may be just around the corner.

Give space

The most important thing to Remember  whether you’re already dating or meeting someone over the holidays that it is also just as important for you both to have some space over the holidays. Remember that if they haven’t text back immediately that it can be a busy period equally be understanding if your date can’t meet you until the new year. Space is fine and good for any relationship.

Do you have any tips for dating over the festive period?



  1. I have no tips I am afraid, I barely remember the dating scene as I have been married for 13 years and will my fella for 19! I did meet him at work though, so its a good place to start

  2. Great tips here! I met my now husband at a party 11 years ago now and your right most people attend some kind of event of Christmas (and people always seem to be in better moods then too lol)! xx

  3. I think the main thing is getting out there, as you said there's a lot of socialising over the festive period and it means more chance of meeting someone x

  4. Some great tips here. I would definitely agree with taking risks - if you don't take the chance you will never know what could be or might have been.

  5. Good tips. Although, I'm really bad about giving space....I'm a NOW kinda girl. ;-)

  6. I was in the midst of the world of online dating and talking to my now-boyfriend during the festive season last year, so I think it's important not to give up hope! x

  7. It’s been a very long time since I was dating as I’ve been with the husband for 11years now! Safe to say I don’t really know much about the social media, online dating but I think having space for yourself is a good tip

  8. You do have to actively prioritise meeting someone. Going out is important but then I met my husband via online dating. People have quite a negative attitude to it but not all sites at like Tinder.

  9. When I was younger, and still dating, I never managed to get any dates around the festive holiday... Not sure why, haha

  10. Oh if i could turn back time i would love to do this dating festive. It looks so much fun.


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