Rocking The New Retro Look: The Essentials

Hey Cats, 

Are your a retro rockin’ kitty? If so, you may find yourself drawn to the old school 50’s rockabilly look, complete with victory rolls and red lips. But are you getting it right? Keep reading to find out.


Make up

Of course, you need to give any look a bit of your own personality so don't feel like you have to keep to this guide to rigidly. It's just here to help you bring that look together before you give it your own spin.

Now, makeup is a big part of the retro look, it should include a good full coverage foundation that smooth things out and gives you an even base to work with. Then make a big deal of the eyes by following a tutorial that includes a good liquid eyeliner flick and some shaded-in brows. Lastly, you don't want to forget a nice bold lip. Red being the traditional choice, but of course feel free to play with the look a little for a more modern twist and by using brighter or more outlandish colour like silver or orange.



Getting the hair right is also essential to this look. Luckily, there are plenty of online tutorials to show you how to get a faux bumper bangs al la Bettie Page, or even victory rolls. If you are truly rubbish at hair and want to attempt this look, there are even products out there like this that make doing the whole thing super easy. Just remember that to get it to last and achieve the volume that you need you will need to use a strong hairspray and plenty of back combing. Only smoothing over the top to get a neat finish.


Your outfit is also something that needs careful considering when you are rocking the retro look too. You can plump for something super traditional like a -line petticoat skirt and cardigan ensemble. Or, why not rock a modern twist by combining skinny jeans and a retro print halter? Just remember to choose something that makes you feel gorgeous, and you can't go wrong really.



It's not just your outfit that matters either, but how you accessorise it.  Classic retro looks often include a cute set of pearl earrings, as well as wicker or wooden bag to set them off. Luckily, the very 50s vibe seems to be pretty popular at the moment, so there are plenty of places you can get a retro styled bags online. Unless you want to go for an original vintage piece and then it's best to check out sites like eBay and Etsy.


Lastly, you need the right shoe to complete your outfit. Aspiring pin-ups will desire nothing less than some killer stiletto heels to give them that va va voom shape and height, but don't freak out if you are more of a flats girl instead. As a pair of ballet pumps with some cropped jeans or even a petticoat skirt will give the look just the right amount of cuteness as well as comfort so you can wear them all day.

What are your favourite retro must haves?


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