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Pride In Your Post Code- Manchester #Postcodepride

Hey Cats,

I took the big move recently and went from being a Birmingham grrrl to a country grrrl and wow are things different but now my nearest big city is Manchester and I am falling in love with it. I can literally jump on a bus to Manchester these days and be from the heart of the countryside right into a big bustling city again so I wanted to share the things I have grown to love as I have learnt about Manchester. You can learn more about your post code and others using PCA predict   which can also help you find any of the places I mention.

Like my beloved Brum the city of Manchester if built on Industry. Manchester was once a very small town and through manufacturing during the industrial revolution some of the beautiful grand looking buildings were created and the bustling wealth grew. As the city grew the industry of Manchester grew and evolved and now it is know for mass success in finances, hospitality, media and arts. There is so much to see and do right on your doorstep from museums to a huge shopping centre packed full of your favourite places to covet. I love going shopping in Manc ...I mean come on have you seen the size of the Primark? I could get lost in there alone! I actually go shopping with my Mama a lot in this beautiful city and never come home disappointed...dare I even say it is a much better shopping experience than Birmingham. Shocking I know but there are just so many more shops and things just seem to flow easier making walking around shops, grabbing a bite to eat and finding transport so much easier. There are lots of fab little vintage places to browse for a retro loving grrrl like me that is a dream come true.

Lets talk culture because I love a good night out or a walk around a mind blowing museum. Manchester has a lot to offer from theatres to opera houses. I have always wanted to go to the opera in fact it is on my hit list now I just have to convince the Mr! I love the theatre and there are at least 3 I can think of to choose from so there is always something to go watch. I am keeping my eyes open for Hairspray as I am yet to catch it and as a die hard John Waters fan it has ti be done and any excuse for a night out in the big city. There are lots of museums to go to and some of them are even free so if shopping isn't your thing you can drop your mates off at the shops and soak up a bit of culture for yourself. I am a big believer of not all art being in galleries and often cities become the gallery themselves. I love going street art spotting and Manchester has some amazingly talented artists.

Media is massively on the rise in Manchester with a huge media hub for growing film and TV people. With the BBC having a huge base in Manchester now more opportunity for young people to jump up the ranks is being created. For me as someone who worked in the media field for 10 years this is really exciting and I only wish when I was looking at a media career path such an amazing facility had been available. I am always amazed at the growth of any industry but especially in awe when it is related to media. 

We can't talk about Manchester without talking about the music scene. Music is life to me and I have been to soooo many gigs in Manchester over the years and hopefully will go to even more. There are lots of venues big and small to choose from. Personally I prefer the small gigs they just feel so much more personal and I just dig the vibe more. I like checking out small spots and discovering new bands on the up especially when they are local. Get out and support your local musicians because they work so hard and are under appreciated. The music scene in Manchester is electric and can't be missed just add a gig in Manchester to your list of things to do this year and you will not be disappointed, 

Have you been to Manchester recently? What is the your #Postcodepride let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet lets celebrate!



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