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Hey Cats,

I may be 34 years old but I am always down for some 90s dream fashion and some hardcore nostalgia so when I heard that there was going to be a plus Barbie range from Missguided I was stoked. I am not usually one who waits for something to hit the fashion world as I have been digging my charity shop finds more than anything lately but this one definitely got my attention. When I think Barbie it screams pink kitsch fashion. I just want to dance around in pink clad glamour to Barbie girl by Aqua and like many of my fellow fatties I was waiting for this Missguided collaboration to hit the website this morning.

Yet my childhood dream to wear the clothes Barbie would rock was shattered when as always the plus Barbie range wasn't an extension of the amazing under a size 16 range. The size 4 to 16 range had over 50 items to choose from with even some of those stopping at a 14! The items in this collection were more the kind of thing I lusted after with mesh bodysuits, cool crop tops, fun colours and a pretty awesome denim jacket complete with Barbie emblazed across the back. I got super excited thinking hey even if it isn't all of them the plus range will still be as fun and stylish with fun colours and patterns and be an extension of the range right?....ERRRRM NO! Had they been available in my size these are the items I would have picked for sure!

It is amazing that brands are starting to become more inclusive on sizing and yes it is awesome that some of the items are available up to a 24 (we keep fighting for higher) but why oh why does it have to be in boring drab colours with baggy fits instead of all the rad body hugging, tie dyed and mesh amazingness? Us plus size babes need colour and fit our lives too and sure some people may not buy the range but it is all about having the choice available to at least browse. Having a range of amazing clothes to choose from helps develop a better body image and a chance to create the most important thing in fashion...an identity. Plus size fashion has come a long way with less plus size people having to all wear the same things all the time. So lets take a look at some of the items we were offered.

These same items are available in non plus as well but it just seems like the edgy femme style has been stripped here and looks like more casual gym wear. I do dig the Bye Ken T shirt and can see it being cute styled the right way but I want to see it as part of a more interesting and inspiring range. I am hoping that Missguided are teasing us and will drop more items onto the site as a surprise but when you take to social media you can already feel the heart ache and disappointment already caused. Bring out the straight range in plus and people will be throwing money at it!

What do you think of the Barbie range?


  1. I love this collection from Missguided! That denim jacket is dreamy!

  2. I'm absolutely loving the range, how much fun is it :)

  3. Ooh I love Barbie too! This is fab and so much fun! I love that denim jacket!

  4. Ugh, that's such a disappointing move from Missguided. I assume they must have done some research to come to the conclusion that those items simply wouldn't sell in bigger sizes, but I struggle to see how that would actually be the case - particularly when it comes to the denim jacket! At the very least, surely you could do a limited run and order in more stock of the things that sell?

    It just seems a bit of an own goal when the whole collection is available in smaller sizes, meaning larger size ladies are able to see exactly what they are missing out on. I hope they take the feedback on board.

    Also I am DYING at the comments on this post, way to make it obvious you didn't actually read it ladies :)

    Lis / last year's girl

  5. oh I do love this range. It's super cute and gorgeous. We do like misguided and barbie :) plus size is a bonus too!

  6. I really like the collection but I'm currently on a spending ban so can't pick up anything. I'm so surprised they haven't done this in a plus size collection, it's pretty disappointing that they excluding so many people! xo


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