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It has been a while since we celebrated the awesome women in the world and we are all the way up to Q. I bet you thought I was stumped and couldn't think of anyone but with all the amazing women in the world it is never hard to think how amazing and inspirational anyone is. I think when we end this series it will evolve into inspirational women as I want to celebrate and learn about all the woman I can from history to now and help build woman of the future. Every single day we should celebrate how amazing woman are and I love finding out the paths that have lead us to the lives we now have.

I actually had a few woman to talk about today but the more I learnt about in in particular I thought she deserved the post all to herself because I couldn't possibly stick to one paragraph. This woman is Qiu Jin. Let me take you on a history lesson back to China in 1975-1907 a female revolutionary was standing up and being heard. An unhappy marriage was the catalyst for Qiu Jin from which she fled from China to Japan and took up Marshall arts and get an education. Whilst in Japan she wrote for a revolutionary publication speaking out to the woman of China bout women's rights not to bound their feet, marry who and when they choose. She spoke about these oppression from personal experience and was speaking out to women for a better future.

Qiu Jin was also a very talented writer and poet going by the pen name of 'Jianhu Nüxia' which in translation means 'woman knight of mirror lake' with a powerful name like this she lived up to it in the poetry she wrote which speaks volumes about how outspoken about the oppression of women. Let us enjoy one together. 

Capping Rhymes With Sir Shih Ching From Sun’s Root Land
Don’t tell me women
are not the stuff of heroes,
I alone rode over the East Sea’s
winds for ten thousand leagues.
My poetic thoughts ever expand,
like a sail between ocean and heaven.
I dreamed of your three islands,
all gems, all dazzling with moonlight.
I grieve to think of the bronze camels,
guardians of China, lost in thorns.
Ashamed, I have done nothing;
not one victory to my name.
I simply make my war horse sweat.
Grieving over my native land
hurts my heart. So tell me;
how can I spend these days here?
A guest enjoying your spring winds?
Powerful words I am sure you agree even for those who do not read poetry. Her work caught a lot of attention many were outraged by this cross dressing outspoken woman but many were touched by her words and even more so her actions. Along with female poet Qiu Jin founded a radical women's publication named 'China women's world news' over two issues she spoke openly about freedom to marry, education and more before the Chinese government shut the publication down. 

Qiu Jin went on to become the head teacher of a girls school which in itself is noble it was here where the government marched in and questioned and tortured Qiu Jon. Qiu had been part of many revolutionary groups and had become part of a group that were planning a an uprising. Eventually after long torture Qiu Jon didn't speak a word of her part in the uprising but when her things were searched some documents relating to the uprising were found and later Qiu was taken to her home town and publicly beheaded.

To this day Qiu Jin is celebrated as a national heroine in China. A woman not afraid to speak her mind and live her short life to the fullest.

Had You heard of Qiu Jin?


  1. Wow I've never heard of Qiu Jin before but what a woman she was! x

  2. I must admit I hadn't heard of her before but she sounds like an incredible woman

  3. Wow it is so sad that they beheaded her for speaking out against oppression. How old was she when she died? She is such a brave woman x

  4. I've never heard about Qiu Jin before, but she is very inspiring! :)

  5. I have read up so much about Qiu Jin during international women's day. Thats when I got to know about her. Such an inspiration with such a sad demise.

  6. Wow I love this information! She was such a powerful woman!

  7. I had not heard to Qiu Jin so thank you for sharing! I love reading about passionate, brave humans!

  8. I have never heard of Qiu Jin before but she sounds very inspiring and a very powerful woman!

  9. I've never heard of Qiu Jin either, how inspiring! xxx

  10. I genuinely hadn't heard of Qui Jin, and that in itself is a shame. She should be celebrated along with other amazing women such as Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale etc. What an inspirational woman!

  11. I had no clue who she was, but I am glad to know now. Thanks for educating us on such an inspirational woman.


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