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It seems like a lifetime ago I met the Mr and I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect for me. (pass the sick bags eh) It is true though and I am such a believer of moving with the times when it comes to dating and jumping on technology to meet new people. If you're  new to online dating you can follow my 5 Tips For Dating Online. Set yourself some clear boundaries but remember you must be prepared to meet up or the date will never become more than a penpal. So you have found the person for you or just someone you may be looking to for a bit of adult dating fun but where are the best places to go on a date in the city? I got you covered!


Regular readers will know I am bias when it comes to this beautifully diverse city. You may have caught my post about my own Date nights with the Mr. There are so many places to go with your potential match from poetry readings to rock clubs to calming walks along the canal because after all Birmingham has more canals than Venice. You can meet fellow brummies on  a Birmingham dating site  and then the best bit begins...planning a date in Birmingham of course. One of my favourite places to go in Birmingham is Ikon Gallery there is always lots of varied and interesting art pieces from Video instillation to interactive art. Even if you're not a massive art fan it is a great first date as you get to walk around have a talking point (even if you're bonding over not liking anything), awkward silences aren't so awkward because you can pretend you are lost in thought about a particular piece. The building itself is beautiful and if the date is going well a short walk from bars and eateries and if it isn't going so great your a 5 min run from the bus stop.


Lets set the picture, So you met your match on a Manchester dating site  and neither of you can decide on the best place to meet up. Manchester is brimming with amazing restaurants and cocktail bars and can be a really diverse and fun night out. What is the point in drinking cocktails if you don't know what goes into them. A cocktail masterclass at Revolution De Cuba will have you mixing up a storm in no time. You can learn a lot about someone in a fun situation like this like how well they listen and how they handle pressure. For bonus points make a mental note of their fav drinks for future dates and if it isn't the person for you the you have picked up some awesome skills and can show them off on your next date.


Nottingham for me is all about those uni years, I went to Nottingham Trent university and it is a very fun city to have a night out in or even a shopping day. As I mostly know the night life then lets focus on that for all you who met on a Nottinghamshire dating site. Lets keep it classy though and you can really impress your date with a bit of culture or even a bit of panto by taking them to the theatre. Everyone likes to have a classy night out now and again and either laughing your heads off at a comedy or brooding over a romance could bring a real spark to the date as well. There is a bar you can hit as well and the surroundings are just stunning. Then you are a short hop from more bars, restaurants or even clubs you can hop. Plus it is a 5 minute walk from the legendary alternative night club Rick City or Rescue rooms if a bit of live music is what you're longing for.


So you have been on an Edinburgh dating site and you have net a Scottish match now where to go? I haven't been to Edinburgh but I have heard of some of the coolest places to go. Too many people avoid eating on the first date. We went out for a huge burger and I knew I was comfortable with him when I could just shove the burger in my face without any worries. If the food and company is good then romance will flow naturally. Lebowski's have an amazing menu packed with milkshakes, burgers and cocktails to keep any foodies happy. Share a love of your favourite foods and make sure you save room for desert.


I am yet to visit Belfast it is on my list of places I must go and I already know exactly where I want to drag the Mr when we do get the chance to go there. So for Belfast dating if like us you are a total movie geek then I have just the place you need to visit and the best excuse is a date right? I love a good film but cinemas have a bad rap for first dates everyone thinks they are a bit of a boring one...well you guys have all been going to the wrong kind of cinemas. I love an independent branch instead of a huge boring complex and Belfast has the amazing Queens Film Theatre. Founded in 1968 GFT specialises in independent film, world cinema and you may even catch your fav films on the big screen. There is also a fully licenced bar packed with fab drinks you can enjoy while kicking back and enjoying a film and hopefully a snuggle with your match. I can't wait to visit and whats even better is the GFT does lots of community work so do your research before you go and you can wow your date with your community knowledge. Who knows you may even be back for your wedding night.

Have you been on dates in any of these cities? Where did you go?



  1. Such a fun post! I'm off in the summer but not exactly 'loaded' so me and the boy have been trying to think of places in the UK to go so this has helped tons!

  2. Me and my other half spent three days together in Belfast earlier this year and it was lovely, I really want to take him to Edinburgh with me x

  3. Nottingham is an amazing city! I used to go there at least twice a month when I was a bit younger!

  4. Such a great post. I'm married, but my hubby and I love having 'date nights' in different cities.

  5. I met my partner online! We are still together and been together for four years. I don't live anywhere near these destinations and never been on a date near them. I would love to visit that theatre though. It looks stunning and a great date idea

  6. These are great ideas. We have not been on a date in a long time and I'd like to go out with my hubby somewhere maybe Manchester so thanks for the suggestions.

  7. That is such a handy post!I'm on a mission to explore more this year, hoping to visit Edinburgh so thank you for the tips.

  8. I love this post. We don't often get days away as we don't have babysitters but we really enjoy nights away in Hotels.

  9. I'm single at the moment, so I can't really use these sites for their intended purpose, but I've now got some great ideas for what to do when visiting these new cities x

  10. Thank you for such a great post - there are some fab ideas here. I need to get exploring some of the amazing cities this country has to offer, makes me feel I'm living such a sheltered life! ha ha.


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