What Are You Waiting For?

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There's a strange thing that lot of people have in common. Just about everyone has things in life that they really want to do, and yet they just don't seem to do them. It seems as though the world is full of people who are constantly making excuses for why they can't do the things that would make them happy. A lot of these excuses are fairly predictable. They don't have the money for it! They don't have the time for it! They don't have the energy for it! Here's the big secret though, most of the things that people really want to do are much easier than they think. The problem is that they've built them up into their mind so heavily that they fail to realize just how simple it can be to actually go after them. Here are just a few of the most popular things that many people want to do but say that they can't, with some of the reasons why it's actually far easier than you might expect.


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Travel is probably the thing that most people think of when they have moments of "I wish I could but I can't." And some of the roadblocks to traveling can seem fairly understandable at first glance. After all, travel certainly isn't free, and not only that but you would have to spend time away from work as well which can impact your finances further. However, a lot of people fail to realize that there are plenty o things that can make travel much less expensive. Your choice of destination makes a big difference there since different places are going to cost different amounts. If you're able to be flexible about where you go then you can often save yourself a lot of money. Not only that but certain places require a little more planning than others, because of things like the ESTA requiring certain levels of eligibility. Of course, if you have the perfect destination in mind then you can always think in the long term. Spend some time saving your money so that you can both afford your dream destination, but also the time that you'll need to take off work.

Starting a new career

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There are few things more frustrating in life than getting stuck in a career that you really hate. It can make every day feel like a total slog that you just have to try and get through before you can crash on the sofa at the end of the day. One of the things that makes it so difficult for a lot of people is that they often have something that they would much rather be doing instead. Everyone has a passion for something, and many of us would genuinely love to spend our time doing that for a living instead. So why don't you? Sure, the idea of starting over in an entirely new career can be scary but so are many of the best things in life! If you're worried about not being qualified to do your dream job, then think long term. If you need new skills or qualifications, then you can get those part-time while doing your current job. Sure, you might end up working harder than you did before, but if you're working towards something that really matters, you may well find that it's worth it. Doing that may even make your job a little more bearable since you end up being able to remind yourself that, while you might still be slaving away at a job that you don't like, you're not just staying still anymore. Now you're working towards something important, and one day, when you leave that job behind, you'll be glad for all that extra effort that you put in.

Even if the thing that you really want to do isn't on this list, at the very least, it might be able to show you that you really don't need to make excuses to not go after it. Sure, going after something important might be scary, and it can often be far easier just to sit at home and imagine it. After all, if it's only ever in your head, nothing can ever go wrong. The problem there is that things might not go wrong, but they also can never be anything more than a fantasy. An imperfect reality is always going to be better than a perfect fantasy that never really comes true. Whatever it is in life that you want to do, there's only one question that you really need to ask: what are you waiting for?


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