Short Holiday Experiences to Indulge Yourself

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It is holiday season and it is time to get planning. When we plan a holiday, there are plenty of things on our mind. There’s the location, which is arguably one of the most important components to a successful holiday, but then there are additional considerations such as the length of time, who we take, how much money to take, and what we’ll go to see. In short, planning a holiday can be a lengthy task and there’s no short way around it outside of getting an overpriced packaged holiday complete with tours and hotels.

While those packaged holidays are fantastic, they’re also very strict because you don’t have much time to explore and experience things on your own. Holidays are all about experiencing something new and relaxing. Whether it’s chilling on a sandy beach with crystal clear waters and a blazing sun, relaxing on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or partying in nightclubs, it’s important to focus on the overall experience when attempting to plan a holiday.

However, not all of us have the time or money to plan expensive long-term holidays that last for weeks or more. If you want a short break to experience something amazing, outrageous or fresh, then here are a couple of fantastic ideas that you can play with and tweak to your own liking.

Go on a cruise

If you’re willing to spend a little more cash on your holiday, then why not check out a cruise holiday on Love it Book it? Cruises are fantastic all-included holidays that are filled with entertainment, culture and experiences. There’s plenty of shopping to be done, lots of vibrant nightlife, plenty of cruise ship activities, and some cruises even stop off at islands so that people can experience the local wildlife, sights and sounds. It goes without saying that a cruise holiday is the perfect short experience to indulge yourself in, and you can always bring along friends for the ride.

Brief food journey

There are people all over the world that travel for one thing: food. They want to sample delicious treats from all over the world and taste cultural cuisines straight from the country that invented them. Want authentic noodles? Then head to China and explore the numerous restaurants and street food stalls. Do you love sushi? Then there’s no place other than Japan to head to for the freshest seafood and fish. Interested in sausages? Head to Germany and sample all the different varieties of wurst they have on offer. Just remember to come with an empty stomach and a considerable amount of money!

Attend an event

If there’s a concert going on for your favourite artist or a show that you really want to see, then why not plan the ultimate night out and go with a couple of friends or family members to attend it? It could be something massive like a rave party or an outdoor clubbing night, it could be a sports game final that you really want to watch, or it could be something a little smaller like your favourite indie artist doing a gig in a club or an author you like who’s doing signings. Whatever it is, going on holiday for the purpose of attending an event is nothing new and it’s a fantastic excuse to also learn more about that country, sample their food, and pique your curiosity as you explore.

Rail holidays

If you love the idea of an all-included holiday but don’t enjoy the feeling of being out on the sea, then why not consider a rail holiday? You’ll get to see some beautiful scenery as opposed to just water on a cruise, and trains are wonderful historical machines with lots of fun services. You’ll make regular stops at different cities and you can go shopping in various different locations. There are iconic trips that will take you across entire continents, and shorter ones that will take you up and down the country if you prefer something closer to home. It’s a fantastic choice for people who want a relaxing holiday but still want to see plenty of wondrous sights and natural beauty.

Extreme sports activities

Feeling adventurous? Then why not consider an extreme sports holiday. Be it mountain climbing in China, skydiving in Dubai or mountain biking in the Alps, there are thousands of extreme sports holiday ideas for those of us who love a thrill. If the idea of sitting indoors and soaking up the culture and sights is boring to you, then you’ll love the various different sports and activities you can get involved with in other countries.

What kind of holidays do you like?


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