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5 tips for dating online

Hey Cats,

As many of you may know I am getting married to the man I love....once we have saved enough money EEEKK. However what many of you don't know is the story of how we actually met! We met online over 3 years ago now on a dating site! Once upon a time meeting new people and especially dating online was a big taboo but you would be surprised with how many people are now taking the leap and trying the online world. It makes sense really in a world that is so full of social media, computers and a digital age that naturally we will start using that to explore the dating world. So if you haven't ever considered the option of dating sites because you think that you won't find love there then let me give you a few tips and see if you want to have a go for yourself,

Be Honest

The main thing about dating sites is setting up a profile to somehow link up with potential matches. Various sites do this differently for example OkCupid use a match percentage system where you can answer questions and see how your matches have answered or some are much more shallow and come down to just seeing a picture and seeing if you like the look of them.

Ultimately though the first thing people will see are your pictures and your profile. The best thing to do with your profile is let your personality shine through. I am pretty sure mine had some awful joke and all the bands I loved. The most important thing though is being true to yourself because sadly not everyone online is, We have all seen the show Catfish it is the ultimate binge viewing.

You may look banging on a picture from two years ago but use recent pictures, don't pretend to like something just because the other person is a hottie and loves darts because you will get found out at the end of the day and it will all just make for an awkward date. Plus I find it helps find a true match for you! Being plus size in the dating world I was always upfront and used full pictures and let me tell you it can also help get rid of some idiots that it isn't worth wasting your time with. you are beautiful however you come so just make sure you let your real beauty shine through and you will find a better match.

Talk to varied people

Dating sites give you the chance to speak to a wide range of people and just because you are chatting with someone does not mean you have to meet up or even be romantically linked. It is important that you realise that consent is a huge thing and just because you chatted to someone doesn't mean you owe them anything but you can also talk to some really interesting and different people compared to those you may meet naturally. Sometimes speaking to someone with different interests can be where you actually end up meeting your match!

With varied people I also mean varied locations. There is life outside of your town and at the end of the day a whole new adventure could be waiting for you. If you would have told me a few years ago I would be living in the country I never would have believed you. Plus a date is the perfect excuse to explore a new place.

Try specialist sites

The world of online dating has something for everyone from people who actually just want a friend to people who have a kink. You can find dating sites for single parent dating which is a great way to meet other parents who know what it is like to date when you already have children. Dating sites always seem to be marketed at a younger audience but if you are a little more mature and want to meet people around your age then you could try a site that is tailored towards over 50's dating. Using targeted sites like this can already skim down the selection of people and can also be a way of avoiding awkward things like your son finding your profile if your not ready to talk about it or just want to keep it private for your own reasons, There are dating sites for alternative people and adventurous types. Just make sure you are not getting trapped into a big payment scheme. Some dating sites will ask for a payment but try the free trials first and see if you like it before committing to a payment,

Have fun and stay grounded

Sometimes when people try online dating they can't believe how suddenly they are in demand with lots or even just a select few always wanting to talk to them. Make sure you know what you are looking for and that you don't get so caught up in the sites that you barely look up from your phone or laptop. Still go out and enjoy yourself online and offline.

Always be safe

Most important of all is safety! Don't give out your address or even be careful with who you decide to add onto your social media and phone. When meeting up which you should totally do if you feel right about the person make sure it is in a public space and let people know you are going. It can be tempting to let someone come and pick you up or come to your home but just take things st your own pace and in your own time,

SO are you going to give it a try or have you already had a go at online dating before?



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