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Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb Review

Hey Cats,

Recently I did a huge lush haul and granted most of it was Halloween goodies but I just couldn't resist a few other goodies. I had seen the northern lights bath bomb a billion times but never tried it so that just had to change. Slowly I am working my way through all the Lush products I can and am yet to find one I am disappointed with.

Northern lights is such a big and colourful bath bomb that it is hard to miss it. Full of vibrant purples, yellow and blue. Enough to cheer up any miserable winter day and after a long day at work I was so excited to see what colours this would create in the bath. I even took the time to film it for you all. You may have caught it over on Instagram but you can check it out here too.

I loved watching the bath bomb whizz around like a firework but at first was a little disappointed there wasn't even more colour. The bath water had colourful bubbles but had turned a murky colour. Almost a dark green but when I swished it about it changed to purple and as soon as I jumped into the bath I could instantly feel the ylang ylang oil soothing and working magic on my skin. Although this bath bomb does smell lovely it is more of a subtle floral scent that relaxes and calms. I had the longest bath I have had in a long time and really kicked back with some music. There were lots of lovely bubbles too which you don't always get with a bath bomb which is why I favour the bubble bars but I loved the pretty bubbles this one created.

After I got out the bath my skin felt so smooth and lovely but there wasn't a major lasting scent that I expect of lush bath bombs. If I am using a whole bath bomb I prefer to be drenched in the smell of it so I can bask in the lovely scent for the rest of the evening. It was worth the money though and if I wanted a relaxing soothing bath again I would reach for this one,

Have you tried northern lights yet?


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