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5 Reasons To Play Pokemon Go

Hey Cats,

Unless you have been hiding on a desert island then you wouldn't have been able to miss the new craze that has taken the world by storm.....POKEMON GO. You either love it or hate it or like to moan about it and secretly play it.

1. Finding new areas

For someone like me who is brand new to an area the game is an awesome way to find new places whilst exploring. Just the other day me and the lil one went Pokemon hunting and found a whole new park we had never seen before completely with duck pond, war memorial, playground and lots of poke stops! We spent loads of time exploring and playing and even adding a cheeky lure module to a poke stop and catching lots of new Pokemon.

2. Makes Journeys More Interesting 

If you have a short attention span on trains, buses or even in the car then the game can make the journey all that more fun. Not to mention help keep little ones quiet and awake the whole way. 

3. Encourages people to get outside 

Sometimes going for A walk doesn't appeal to a lot of people but when there's a purpose or something fun to motivate you it's easy to get outside. Lots of people who would usually stay indoors glued to the TV have been taking advantage of the great weather and getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and surroundings. Yes some people are a bit glued to their phones but in large I find I don't look at my phone that often unless it buzzes and a Pokemon had popped up. It is always important to remember to stay safe when playing as they can pop up anywhere.

4. Expands imagination 

I spent hours with the little one talking about different kinds of Pokemon and where they could possibly live and what they would evolve into and then making up and drawing our own  including special powers and funny names. There are so many options with Pokemon that it doesn't have to be about just playing the game on your phone. We also spent a lot of time reading a book that told you about every Pokemon you could catch so in all it encourages both children and adults to do creative things. Even playing the game on my own I become inspired by the world around me and pushed myself to explore more. 

5. It's fun

The best reason of it all. No matter how many people make fun of something you enjoy doing you should keep on doing it because if you find it fun then that is all that matters. I am a 33 year old woman and still take great delight in seeing a squirtle pop up in my living room or getting a super potion from a pokestop. So many people on social media were quick to roll eyes at how much fun everyone was having playing Pokemon but then they were there to roll their eyes at kids going to school and people taking selfies so don't take much credit in the people who like to hate on others.

Have you played? Which is your favourite Pokemon so far?


  1. I'm hearing this is great fun and very addictive. Have fun x


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