What To Wear To Your Holiday Party

The bells are ringing, carollers are singing and holiday parties are popping up like crazy! It’s officially the most wonderful time of year, and as you all know, the holiday season brings all kinds of exciting events begging for brand-new outfits and Instagram-ready style. While all of this is enough reason to start perfecting your eggnog recipe and practising conversation starters, it’s also a bit nerve-racking to have to pick out festive outfits that not only make you look your best, but make you feel your best, too. And in the season when clingy sweater dresses and bulky fabrics are king, it can be difficult for full-bodied females to find the best-fitting fashions for the celebratory season.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been anticipating this season ever since the leaves starting turning brown. So I’ve been stalking some fashion websites and garnering inspiration from passersby—whether in a coffee house or just walking down the street. Looking at what other people choose to wear for similar body types makes it easier to look for styles to suit your own frame. After all my "stalking," I came up with some outfit ideas for three types of holiday engagements this season.

For The Office Party

Working in an office, it’s likely you’re sick of the pantsuits and stuffy garb. So play up your feminine side at the office holiday party by wearing a belted midi sweater dress made for your frame. It’s an appropriate length but shows your coworkers you’ve got a killer sense of style to go along with your great ideas. Sometimes, you can even find style partnerships to fit this need and give you a truly killer look. That includes a sweater dress from Woman Within that Glamour had a hand in creating, so you know your best interest was in mind (and that you'll look damn good).

For Your Family Shindig

It’s time for you to revisit with your aunts and uncles and all the rest of your extended family. Show them you’re put-together with a chic slim pant, like Refinery29 suggests. And then, pair the pants with an extremely over sized tunic, playing with proportions “in a more editorial way.” A sleek outfit like this will show your family you’re doing it right!

For A Romantic Date Night

Dating during the holidays is one of the most romantic and magical things to experience. There’s just something about the lights adorning the trees and buildings that make a date just that much more special. Play up the romanticism with your go-to A-line Little Black Dress, and style it with a sexy pair of red heels to amp up the wow-factor, as PopSugar shows us.

No matter what the occasion during the holiday season, there are plenty of plus-size styles that are ready for whatever you get into. Whether you want to impress your coworkers or your family, or you want to look your best for that special someone, these three outfit ideas are the perfect inspiration to get you started in putting together an ensemble. Just remember: it’s not so much about what you’re wearing, it’s about who’s wearing it! As long as you radiate confidence and flash a smile, you’ll have your hottest holiday yet.

*This is a guest post from the lovely Alisha Curtis


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