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#FridayFright- Ash Vs Evil Dead

Welcome Back Horror Heads,

Finally the day has come when Ash has returned to grace our screens, When I first heard they were making Ash Vs Evil Dead into a series I was both excited and nervous. Would they do it justice? Who would play Ash? I mean it wasn't a remake but a whole new adventure and that was something all dead heads had been dreaming of, Since the movies we have been having to get out fix in comics and other classic Bruce Campbell films like 'My name is Bruce' and 'Bubba Ho-Tep',  Whilst amazing films nothing quite hits the spot like some Evil dead action, Hearing that Both Sam Raimi and Bruce were on board meant the series could only be awesome...or had Raimi gone soft with all these Spiderman blockbusters he had been churning out? Then the trailer dropped...

The internet went crazy and horror fans all over the world connected in their excitement for the return of a legend, The series is almost on the fourth episode now and the reopening of the necronomicon was not in vain. The tongue in cheek humour of Ash will have you roaring with laughter. The heavy influence of 3 stooge jokes from the original films also trickles into the series with slap stick comedy that has kept audience weeping with laughter for generations,

There are plenty of scares and menacing evil jumping out through the show and each episode is jam packed with action. An introduction of new characters keeps the story fresh and brings a new element. The only downfall I can see thus far is that a mere 30 minutes once a week is far to cruel to avid fans of the genre who are left on the edge of their seats thirsty for more, I am excited to see where the journey takes us, roll on next episode,

Have you checked out Ash Vs Evil Dead yet? What did you think?


  1. In love with this series so far! But like you say 30 mins is just evil! :P

  2. Love AvsED... Seen the whole of Season One! I can't wait for the next one, now!! :-)


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